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[Watch This] Two-Shot Zeroing Tips For Beginners



Zeroing is the act of fine-tuning your scope to match the bullet’s drop point or point of impact to where the crosshair is locked at a certain distance. If you’re zeroed out at a hundred yards, then the bullet will definitely hit the crosshair’s target at that specific distance. Sounds complicated, right? But here’s one secret that will ultimately be your preferred zeroing technique!


[Watch This] Two-Shot Zeroing Tips For Beginners

A Zeroing Technique That You Should Definitely Learn

Zeroing your rifle may take time, effort, and a lot of bullets which of course means you’re gonna have to spend more, just trying to get your scope to match the bullet’s trajectory. Good thing, Doug of NSSF deviced this 2-shot zeroing tip that could definitely change the way most people zero out their rifles! Take a closer look at how Doug does it and be amazed at how simple it actually is!

The first thing to do is to take the rifle and make sure that the crosshair is targeted right on the bullseye.


Once you pulled the trigger, hold the rifle firmly in place and make sure that it doesn’t move at all. Then, calibrate the scope so that the crosshair is targeted to the point where the bullet landed on your first shot. This way, you’ll know that the next shot is gonna hit the target right in the center.

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Having someone assist you for the tweaking of the windage and elevation adjustments would be very helpful so you can just focus on keeping the rifle still. You can, however, do this by yourself if no one is there to help you.

If you’re still feeling confused, this video from the NSSF will give you everything you need to know about the two-shot sight-in:

Now that you’ve learned the 2-shot trick to zeroing out your rifle, you’d surely have that great accurate killing shot for this hunting season. Better zero out your rifle before heading out to hunt to make sure that you’ll have a successful harvest!

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