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Archery Talk – Exercises For Archery Athletes



Archery talk- let’s get real: a good amount of beginner archers will, most likely, have accidents and injuries if they did not have proper training and exercise beforehand. To avoid these sports mistakes, check out the various techniques you can do to get into shape and aim at the bull’s eye with no problem.

Archery Talk – Exercises For Archery Athletes

Avoid injuries and accidents with these physical training and exercise

Sports involves a lot of handwork and discipline. An athlete who dreams of becoming a top player on his game must endure hours of training and exercises, avoid unhealthy and unnecessary binge eating, and repeat their routine until they get it perfect. Generally, it’s a battle they must always win.

Like any other sports out there, archery is no different. It may not require running a mile or lifting heavy weights but perfecting this body and mind sport requires more work as well. Here, we give you various exercises that can train and enhance your archery and shooting skills perfectly and accurately. See, hitting that bull’s eye will be as easy as it can be.

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1. Archery Stretches

Stretching is a technique that all sports enthusiasts must do to improve athletic performance, prevent injury, and rehabilitate sprains and injuries. Archery talk- this is also required.

There are three common stretches that can be done for beginners:

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A. Arm-up Rotator Stretch– With your arms out and your forearm pointing at a 90 degrees angle, place a broomstick in your hand and behind your elbow. Using your other hand, pull the bottom of the broomstick forward.

B. Rotating Stomach Stretch– Lie face with your hands close to your shoulders while your hips must be on the ground. Look forward then try to rise up by straightening your arms. Slowly bend one arm and rotate that shoulder to the ground.

C. Assisted Reverse Chest Stretch-With the use of a table or bench edge, stand upright with your back towards it. Try to bend your arms and slowly lower your body.


2. Shoulder Strengthening

Since archery requires a strong upper body which includes the shoulder, it’s good to know that there are exercises which can focus and stabilize muscles and shoulder joints. These muscles which include the deltoids, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, and teres minor muscles must be trained to ensure a perfect release of the arrow to hit the target.

A. Rhomboid Strengthening– The key to this exercise is to pull the rhomboid and the rest of the shoulder muscles back and up as well as downward and inward. A rowing machine and use of dumbbells or resistance bands are a good way to train these. With one hand resting on a bench, bend forward and hold a dumbbell with the other hand. Bend your elbow and try lifting your upper arm and shoulder upward until your forearm is parallel to the floor. Hold this position for five to ten seconds and then relax. Repeat 10 times with each arm.

B. Rotator Cuff Strengthening– The rotator cuff is an important part of the arms as it helps pull it outward. To train it, just hold your arm out to the side of your body. Bring your arm forward with the thumb facing towards the floor then lift up to the eye level. Hold it for five seconds and repeat for ten times.

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3. Ball Exercise

Being completely focused and still is needed to get a controlled approached in shooting targets. That said, develop this trait by using balls to exercise and strengthen your bow arm. Stand perpendicular to the wall while holding a ball against it using your arm. At a shoulder height, use this arm to move the ball in a figure 8 motion. Do this for 30 seconds. Repeat the same exercise to the other arm.


4. Planks

Planks are the best exercise to train the core muscles to get a stabilized body for other movements. Facing the floor, just place your elbows flat on it. Contract your abdominal muscles while trying to flatten the lower back. Just remember to never do this with the lower spine arching backward.

Never underestimate the positive benefits of a good training and exercise for archery. They will not only strengthen the body but they will also prevent any unwanted injuries and accidents in the future. Just remember, a good archer probably has done these exercises multiple times to be on top of their game.

Be inspired to be good in archery by watching this fast shooting video by SeregedelReal.


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