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Best ATV Tires – The Top 6 Lightest Mud Tires

Ever wondered what the best ATV tires are in the market today? I can tell you that the best ones are also the lightest ones. If you have an ATV lying around in your garage, you will want to upgrade your set of wheels when you see these babies.



Now listen here, fellow outdoors enthusiast. The smoothest outdoor rides involve the best ATV tires. There’s no doubt that any other car trying to traverse and cross a difficult terrain will need a good set of wheels just to help it get through. Today, we unveil to you the best and lightest tires to turn any ATV into a terrifying outdoor beast.

Best ATV Tires – The Top 6 Lightest Mud Tires

The smoothest outdoor rides need the best ATV tires

Outdoor enthusiasts left and right are discovering the joy of terrain activities and its available rides. Obviously, you need a vehicle that can keep up with the demands and challenges of off-roads, rocky hills, humps, and bumps, and most especially mud! Because, hey, who can question the excitement and joy of an adrenaline-pumping ride?

And if you want to be successful in a mud-sliding adventure, the best ATV tires that are light, exceptional, super durable, and extremely aggressive to slide even to the toughest mud track is a prerequisite. Now, you’re in luck because Sask Trail Rider gives you the top 6 lightest mud tires (arranged from the heaviest to the lightest) available in the market.

1. Super ATV Terminators (45 Lbs)

Dubbed as the most aggressive mud tire in the market, the Terminator tire has 6-Ply ratings, 2” tread depth and a loaded capacity of 585 @ 7 PSI. This monster of a tire can get you places you dreamed of with an unmatched grip that keeps going even when it gets tough. It also boasts of a built-in rim guard for dents and dings protection as well as a unique tapered tread for self-cleaning.

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2. High Lifter Outlaws (43 Lbs)

The High Lifter tire is designed to be the most durable and puncture-resistant tire. The 6-Ply rated ‘Outlaw’ is so light it’s 3-4 pounds lighter than most tires in the market that maximize horsepower.

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3. Gorilla Silverbacks (40 Lbs)

With a 6-Ply rating, the biggest, baddest Gorilla Silverback can withstand any unlikely terrains there is. According to its website, it ‘wraps all the way to the bead on both sides’ which gives a better traction than most tires in the market.

Full set of Interco Swamp Lite 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 ATV Tires (4)
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4. Interco Swamp Lites (38 Lbs)

Following the tradition of performance and quality, the Swamp Lite tire has a 6-Ply rating that provides a firm grip in any types of terrain may it be in snow, mud, and hardpack. It is designed with features that allow optimum performance and lighter weight than any other tires with lesser capabilities.

5. Interco Interforce ATV (35 Lbs)

Another supreme manufacture of Interco, the Interforce ATV is designed primarily for agricultural use. It is light and narrow which makes a good puddle tire to create drainage channels in fields.

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6. ITP Mud Lite (33 Lbs)

The ATP Mud Lite tire features a tread design of deep, angled, grooved lugs which helps achieve an almost perfect traction. It has a long-wearing tread compound which is ideal for muddy conditions. The 14-inch model is also an excellent choice for any terrain. Its low-profile sidewall provides a reduced flex the gives the rider the confidence needed.

The list does not include other ATV tires out there in the market but we hope this will help you ‘weigh’ your options when you try to buy one for yourself.

Watch this video from Sask Trail Riders that shows the SuperATV as THE perfect mud tire for you.

What makes a good ATV is the need for exceptional tires. Not just it makes the vehicle look dope, it also makes the ride easy without any problems.

So, if you want to know more about ATVs, just click here.

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