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Hiking Safety Tips: What To Do When You Have Knee Pain On Trail? [PODCAST]



young-upset-man-having-trouble-feeling | Hiking Safety Tips: What To Do When You Have Knee Pain On Trail? | Featured

In this podcast, the discussion will focus on some hiking tips and strategies a hiker can use when they start feeling a flare-up of knee pain while actually on the trail.

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Hiking Tips: Get Through A Bad Knee During A Trail

If you are a hiker, trekker, backpacker, or thru-hiker, you’ll get clear advice to help get you fit, strong, and pain-free for your adventures.

In this show, you will learn about training for hiking, nutrition for the trail, injury prevention, mental strength development, and much more.

In each episode, this show will share advice, hiking tips, and tactics on how to get in the best physical shape. This will include workouts, exercises, programming advice, trail tips, and much more.

Around this, the show will interview experts in the realms of nutrition, breathing, specific injury management, and many other topics.

So, ultimately, you will have the best chance of a safe, enjoyable, and successful adventure!

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The Training For Trekking Podcast is the official podcast of Summit Strength.

They are currently enrolling for their Hikers Knee Prevention Program and looking for hikers who struggle with knee pain and what to get strong and pain-free over the next 12 weeks, so they can conquer every adventure.

If that sounds like you, message them on Facebook or Instagram, or email at [email protected] with the words ‘I’m interested’ and they will talk you through all the details.

Do you have other hiking tips in mind that you would want to share? Sound off in the comment section below!

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