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The Benefits of Rock Climbing Are Awesome. Here’s Why.

Discover what makes rock climbing more than just a sport everybody enjoys. The numerous physical and mental benefits makes it worth your time spent.



Aside from the obvious benefits of rock climbing on your body, it also has a positive effect towards your emotional and psychological well-being. Carrying your body weight while barely having enough space to position your hands and feet requires more than just sheer strength to sustain the pull of gravity.  You have to focus, concentrate, and find ways not to use up all your body’s energy to keep that position as you ultimately reach the top.  Your mind and body should be able to work simultaneously in every move.

The Benefits of Rock Climbing Are Awesome. Here’s Why.

As demanding as rock climbing is to your physical capability, it’s critical to finish a climb with a well-conditioned mental state. Rock climbing enables you to train your mind while you make quick decisions.  Most of the time, your body is hanging in an awkward position.  Your arms may have to hold the weight of your body if your feet can’t find anything to step on.  You’re able to flex your muscles, control your breathing, think fast, and conserve energy at the same time.  Rock climbing requires real focus in order for you to accomplish your goal. As a result, these are the great benefits you will get from the sport.

1. Burns Calories

The calories you burn depend on how active you are on the climb.  You don’t become an expert overnight and rock climbing assures you’ll be wanting for more especially when you get the hang of it.  As a result, you burn calories while you’re having fun.

2. Cardiovascular Health

When engaged in rock climbing, you’re heart and lungs are at work.  You breathe healthily, and blood rich with oxygen is distributed to your muscle tissues that give you the strength and energy to move.

3. Builds Muscles

Rock climbing allows almost all your muscle groups to be of use.  Your core muscles are at better workout than any known gym routine. Your legs and arms are obviously helping you in each movement as well as your chest and back muscles.

4. Reduces Stress

When you’re engaged in any physical activity you are relieved from stress. Release of endorphins will uplift your mood and decrease harmful stress. Imagine and outdoor climb with friends where you’re conversing and your body is moving at the same time. Makes you worry-free for the time being.

5. Promotes Mental Focus

Mental focus is necessary with each step and each time you grab on to something.  The next move might place you in a difficult position not knowing if your hands or feet will handle the bulk of the pressure. Climbing enhances your minds ability to eliminate distractions.

6. Develops Confidence

Successfully climbing a mountain is no easy task.  You get into a continuous line of problem-solving in order to reach the top. That feeling of accomplishment elevates your confidence not just in the climb, but in all other areas of your life as well.

7. Balance and Coordination

Standing on a foothold with only one foot to support your body weight requires tremendous balance.  Propelling yourself using your fingers and arms allowing only little support from your legs is not as easy as you see someone do it.  This is balance and coordination at work.

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Watch this video about boulder muscles gains.

Rock climbing is not just a sport that everyone enjoys, but also a way to enhance one’s physical and mental state.  It’s one of those total workouts that benefits your body and requires you to think in order to succeed. Depending on how bad you’d want to complete the climb, you also reap the numerous benefits of mind and body.

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