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Bicycle touring gives us freedom to explore the world and ourselves. Read on and check out some of the exciting destinations on this planet!

Ride The Wind: Bicycle Touring Destinations

Bicycle touring is absolutely one of the greatest ways to savor what nature has to offer. Pedal your way into the most magnificent destinations for bicycle touring. Here are some of the places to ride your bike:



Chile is the place where you can witness nature’s supremacy. Chile is also regarded as a nirvana for wild camping. From enormous lakes to icy mountain ranges, the diversity of its terrain is suited for anyone who is looking for some extremely authentic biking adventure. Check out Patagonia, Sico Pass, Lake District, Carretera Austral and Puna de Atacama.

The United States of America

The United States of America, in all its vastness, is absolutely a paragon when we talk about astonishing landscapes. From rock formations to tremendous desert region to forests filled with redwood, the environment here is tailor-made for an adventurous spirit. Bike through the Great Divide, Southern Utah, Pacific Coast, Northern Arizona, Mojave Desert, Mississippi River Trail, Redwood and Dalton Highway in Northern Alaska.


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If you are looking for a high-altitude landscape to bike through then Argentina is the destination for you. Argentina has a rich profusion of location for wild camping and you’ll encounter mountain passes near the Chilean border. Andes, Patagonia, Pasos de San Francisco, Pasos de Agua Negra, and North West are just some of the spots for bike travelers to indulge.


Tajikistan, most particularly Pamir Highway, is a bike tourer’s favorite destination. During summer months, due to its extreme popularity for bicycle touring, there are a lot of like-minded tourers you can meet. Ride along the Pamir Mountains and Wakhan Corridor for a journey worth cherishing for a long time.


Norway has gained its bicycle touring reputation through its captivating mountainous setting and smooth, flat spiraling road. With its adequacy of campsites, you can basically camp anywhere. You’ll also have the opportunity to see wild animals but most of all, you can test yourself in its enervating terrain. Bike through Trondheim, Mo i Rana, Narvik or through the serpentine road of Trollstigen.


China is filled with vibrant history, a plethora of various spectacle and of course, phenomenal cuisine. But this destination is probably one of the most challenging spots for bicycle touring because of its bizarre terrain. Ride from Qinghai to Gansu, Yunan, Sichuan, or check out the otherworldly view of Tibet.



There is no doubt France is an ideal destination for bike tourers. And for all cycling aficionados, you can set your journey to see a handful of Tour de France stages. You can bike through the Luberon Valley, Lyon, Cannes, Alps or the remarkable winding road of Lacets de Montvernier.


Watch this video and check out the topmost countries to ride your bike!

There are seemingly countless destinations where we can ride our bikes. A myriad of locations and uncharted regions waiting for us to travel, explore, and discover. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the green light is on!

Penny for your thoughts? If you have more bicycle touring destinations in mind, feel free to drop your two cents in the comments below! 

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