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Canyoning | The Best Canyoneering Spots This World Has To Offer



The world has copious places to offer desirous outdoorsmen if they want to try canyoning. So if you’re one them then read on to find out the best spots in the world to experience canyoning!

Canyoning Around The World

Canyoning or canyoneering is definitely one of the most awesome and thrilling approaches to enjoy the outdoors. This extreme recreational activity comprises of walking, hiking through gorges and ravines, rappelling, cliff jumping, and some technical swims. If an ordinary hike doesn’t give you the satisfaction and the thrill you have been searching for then canyoning is the activity you should pursue. So if you are looking for the right destination to quench your thirst for adrenaline and death-defying adventure then I got covered. Below is a list of some of the best canyoneering spots in the world.


Zion National Park, USA

The Zion National Park is the most famous spot for canyoneering in the United States. Leaping from one rock to another, climbing, rappelling down sheer gorges, and splashing through depthless streams are the things you can experience while being surrounded by marvelous canyon walls. So next time you’re looking for some canyoneering spots, Zion National Park should be on top of your list.

Wanaka, New Zealand

Being dubbed as “The Adventure Capital of the World”, New Zealand will always have a spot on every outdoorsman’s list of awesome places to enjoy outdoor activities. And of course, there are excellent places for everyone who wants to go canyoning. One of those places is Wanaka. A town on New Zealand’s South Islands blessed with beautiful views of snowcapped mountains. Explore Wanaka and you will absolutely marvel at the natural underground structures well-suited for caving and canyoning.

Kawasan Falls, Philippines

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When we talk about canyoneering, the Phillippines has a lot of remarkable spots to offer everyone who seeks this outdoor pursuit. Kawasan Falls in Cebu, Philippines will surely make its way on a canyoneer’s list of places to experience this rewarding activity. Bestowed with stunningly gorgeous waters, striking gorges, and the passably low jumps and fun-filled water slides, Kawasan Falls is suited for anyone who wants to embark in canyoneering.

Suicide Gorge, South Africa

Kloofing is the term used in South Africa for canyoning and if you’re looking for an excellent kloofing spot then Cape Town is the place you should visit. It offers awesome canyons and one of them is Suicide Gorge. As the name implies, this spot is not for the weak hearted. It has slides and jumps so high that’ll definitely give your stomach the butterflies and your knees will shake thus giving you the ultimate canyoning rush. If you have the guts to raise your extreme kloofing adventure up another notch then Suicide George highly suggested.

Jalbire, Nepal

Nepal is filled with amazing canyoning spots and Jalbire Canyon is one of them. It offers a lot of slides making you think you’re in a water park. You will also see here towering waterfalls 328 feet tall and you will be overwhelmed with its rock formations. With picturesque rivers, ravines, and valleys, this is truly a place you should include in your list.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

The idea of canyoneering adjacent to a volcano can be intimidating at first but when you see the view and the features to play on your perception will instantly change. This spot offers loads of fairly large waterfalls where you can abseil and have a decent number of jumps. You just have to be careful because there are jumps that will demand advance canyoneering techniques.

Blue Mountains, Australia

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With 400 to explore and to play on, Blue Mountains is definitely the right spot for every unshrinking canyoneering aficionado. This is the ultimate spot that will let you experience and enjoy rappelling, rock climbing, spelunking, and rafting. There are spots well-suited for every experience and skill level. I can definitely say it is one of the most sought-after outdoorsman’s havens in the world.


Watch this video and check out one of the most awesome spots for canyoneering in the Philippines!

It can be very daunting just by the thought of pushing yourself to the limits and going out of your comfort zone. But fear will only hinder us from experiencing the greatest gift one can ever receive and the gift is called life. This world is a grand playground for each and every outdoorsman. There are tons of destinations and activities to embark on alongside the breathtaking views to make the experience more gratifying. So what are you waiting for? Go out and experience life!

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Now you know the best spots to go if you want to experience canyoning, you also need to know fitness programs and regimen for hiking and climbing enthusiasts!

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