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Protect Your Dog’s Feet With These Amazing Dog Hiking Boots

If you haven’t thought about how your dog feels when stepping on a rugged terrain, it should be the same as the discomfort you feel on your barefoot. You might think of buying dog hiking boots to protect your dog’s feet in extreme conditions



How much do you care for your dog?  Do you love him enough to worry if his paws are comfortable while hiking with you?  Your dog can’t stay indoors all the time and the weather outside is not always friendly.  If you have the best hiking footwear to protect your feet, surely your pet needs dog hiking boots as well.  You may not hear your dog complain but his feet can suffer from wear and tear for lack of protection.

Protect Your Dog’s Feet With These Amazing Dog Hiking Boots

I remember spending time with a good friend of mine one winter afternoon.  His pet terrier was acting a bit strange while we’re on the porch.  The dog sounded like it was in clear pain from the cold so we had to get him inside the house.  It was one of a few times that I realized dogs sometimes need the same protection from extreme conditions as humans do.  If you care much about your pet, check out this list of dog hiking boots to protect his feet.

1. Muttluks All Weather

The Muttluks All Weather is arguably the best dog hiking booties.  Its durability also features protection against hot pavement and freezing sidewalks.  Not to mention the availability in sizes and self-tightening straps, your dog’s feet are definitely as protected as your own.

2. Color House Waterproof Boots

The lake may not be as safe as you think for your dog’s paws.  You’ll never know what’s down there that may hurt his feet.  The Color House Boots are not only waterproof but are also great for walking in dry land.

3. Megipet Foldable Snow Boots

This dog boot is available in five sizes and has a feature that frees you from worrying about your pet’s hair.  It has a rubber sole as well as suede lamb combination that protects your dog’s paws.

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4. My Busy Dog

My Busy Dog has a unique stitching that can withstand your dog’s playful chewing.  It has anti-slip soles and reflective straps for additional safety in the dark.

5. Bark Brite Paw Protectors

These dog boots is perfect for the natural paw shape but is not available in larger sizes.  Its dual reflective straps is great for your dog if you often stroll the streets at night.

6. Protex Pawz

Protex Pawz are highly durable and elastic dog boots that has a quick rinse and air drying features.  This is more suitable for dogs who drag their paws and provide good traction for your active pets.

7. Ultra Paws

Ultra Paws protect your dog’s paws from rugged terrain as well as extreme cold.  It has good traction and a velco strap closure system to secure the booties on your pup’s feet.  Another great feature is its waterproof flexible sole.


8. Hiado CR1000-09

If you notice the Hiado CR1000-09 resembles more like of a human’s hiking footwear.  It’s an all-season dog boots that has breathable features with its mesh holes.  One problem is that some dogs can pull these shoes off.

9. DuraPaws Dog Shoes

These dog shoes is specifically designed for use in snow and ice.  The fleece lining keeps the paws warm as well as waterproof material to keep water from getting into the boots.  But these are not so durable and can wear out fast in active use especially when dragged.

10. Pecute Sneakers

The Pecute Sneakers lack the best features for dog shoes but you could only imagine how cute your pet looks with these on.  They’re really affordable though the don’t stay on very well on your dog’s feet.


Watch this cute video compilation of dogs wearing boots for the first time by funnyplox.

Dogs are known to be “man’s best friend” for a reason.  An interesting fact about dogs is that it actually misses its owner and clearly shows genuine happiness after not seeing him for long periods of time.  I think it’s just reasonable to care for our dog pets and treat them the way we treat ourselves.

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