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Best Kayaking Destinations Around The World



One of the best ways to witness the world’s natural beauty is through kayaking. Read on and check out the most amazing destinations to paddle around the world!

Kayaking Destinations You Need To Explore Around The World

Kayaking is one of the outdoor activities that lets you feel you’re in harmony with nature.  A peaceful exercise that allows our mind to forget and relieve the stress of our everyday lives. So on that note, below are some of the most awesome places to paddle and experience the phenomenal wonders of nature.


Baja, California, Mexico

The Sea of Cortez produces a dramatic contrast where rugged desert landscapes, with their high and russet peaks, meet the serene, clear, turquoise waters that surround them. This destination is constantly voted as one of the top places for kayaking.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Croatia is one of the most stunning places to go kayaking. The rocky headlands, craggy coastline, sandy beaches, along with its striking turquoise waters are sure to captivate anyone who wants to go kayaking in this marvelous destination. You can paddle around the islands and explore hidden coves, historic architectures, and incredible reefs.

Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

If you want to witness Hawaii’s raw natural charm then Na Pali coast in Kauai is the answer. Paddle past mist-covered valleys, green cliffs, remote beaches, and enormous waterfalls that plunge into the Pacific. You can also have the chance to see dolphins, monk seals, and tropical birds. The entire area is still undeveloped so you can experience nature’s unadulterated form.

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Glacier Bay, Alaska

Adventurous paddlers can explore massive glaciers while experiencing silence and distant wilderness in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Witness the breathtaking rugged snow-capped mountains, wild coastlines, deep fjords and balmy rainforests this destination has to offer.

Sermilik Fjord, Greenland

Paddling in the Arctic may sound absurd to some but during high summer, paddlers can experience the calm waters of Sermilik Fjord in the southeastern part of Greenland. Catch a glance of seals and whales while cruising through a labyrinth of floating chunks of ice and have an opportunity to spot seals and whales along the way.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

As we all know, New Zealand is dubbed as the adrenaline-junkie capital of the world, so it is not a surprise this destination is suited for any type of outdoor activity. Kayaking is one them. This area is governed by the precipitous sides of the snow-capped Southern Alps, deep lakes, and is filled with towering rich green peaks. This makes Milford Sound definitely a kayakers’ paradise.

Fijian Islands


Fiji is home to over 300 islands, depthless, brilliant, clear waters and sprawling coral gardens combined make this a top destination for paddlers. South Pacific’s tranquil waters and tropical climate entice kayakers to jump out of their boats for sufficient snorkeling in this vibrant and spelling fish-laden utopia. This destination is a Mecca for all sea kayakers.


Watch this video and check out the most dangerous places to go kayaking in the world!

Bobbing around on a kayak is one of the most wonderful feelings an individual can experience. The beauty and tranquility of nature have a mysterious healing factor, it is a vitamin everyone needs to take. It is not only good for our physical and mental wellness but it is also a perfect medicine for the adventurous souls.

Penny for your thoughts? If you have some more kayaking destinations in mind, feel free to drop your two cents in the comments below! 

Now you have an idea where to go kayaking, it’s time to check out more outdoor travels and activities for an adventurous outdoorsman like you! 

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