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What Is The Best Archery Stance? | Outdoor Warrior

It is not enough to have the most expensive archery equipment to make a great shot. So if you intend to release a perfect arrow in every shot you make then you need to have the proper archery stance. But being a novice archer you may find yourself confused on what appropriate stance to use. Here’s an awesome video that will feature the best archery stance. Choose the right one for you and improve the way you shoot.



Archery stance or form is the most fundamental thing that a novice archer should learn. It’s not as easy as it looks, but once you master the proper stance, you’ll find that it will greatly improve your overall performance. But what’s the perfect stance, one might ask, especially that’s suitable for a beginner? Below is a video about the different types of archery stance. Scroll down to find out more about it.

What’s The Proper Archery Stance?

A lot of things can go wrong with improper archery stance simply because it is overlooked. I admit that I used to be one who was very particular with my elbows and shoulders that my stance takes a dive. Proper form helps you ensure that your weight is evenly distributed so it can make your shooting more consistent. Remember how Legolas always stood his ground whenever he fired? To someone who doesn’t do archery, it would look like he was just standing still to aim. In fact, he was already in proper stance to maximize his aim and efficiency. Think of it this way – your stance is like a building with good foundations. So on that note, here an instructional video about the best archery stance to improve your game. Find out what suits you best. Read. Learn. Improve.

Square Stance

The square stance is great for novice archers who are just learning how to properly position their body. This stance facilitates good alignment by placing your shoulders and hips perpendicular to the target. It offers excellent stability and good stance to start out with because it is easy to learn and manageable enough to consistently reproduce.

Open Stance

This is a more advanced stance. From a square stance, you slightly point your body towards the target. It is much more difficult for your shot to be perfected compared to a simple square stance. You can experience misalignment of shoulders and hips with the wrong stance. Wrong execution of the open stance may also result in poor stability primarily because of uneven weight distribution. Archers use their arms more instead of their back to draw their bows. This makes it harder for smaller archers because it is harder for them to get the power needed for more distanced targets. But you also need to keep in mind that there is more visibility to the target when you use an open stance.

Closed Stance

A close dstance is when your body is turned away from the target. This stance makes it hard to see the target and provides less stability. But some say that this stance is better than even or square stance when shooting from an uneven ground and high winds.

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Check out this video for more details about the best archery stance that can improve your game!

Reading about different archery stance is easy but the execution part can be quite difficult especially if you’re new to the game. Just like any other game, archery needs an ample amount of time to practice and to be better. Focus first on the basics like archery form because it can definitely enhance the way you release those arrows. Choose the stance that fits the way you shoot. Once you’re comfortable with that stance then that’s a great start in your quest for archery greatness. Do you like this article? Tell us what you think about this article by leaving a comment below.

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