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The Kit For Beginners | Reviewing The Axiom Archery Kit

Having an excellent archery kit will surely improve the way you shoot arrows. Through the combination of ability, opportunity, and a kick-ass gear, a novice archer will eventually reach a lofty status and a higher level of archery. And SF Axiom Archery kit will be your partner in reaching your dreams. Check out this video review and find out more about the setup that will enhance your skills.



There are numbers of archery products out in the market that we can choose from, regardless of the skill level required to maximize them. Whether you’re an experienced archer or just new to the sport, we always want the best gear that we can get our hands on, and of course, if our budget allows it. One of the brands that most archer trust is SF Archery. Through time, SF Archery proved that their product can bring out the best in you. Below is product review for the Axiom Archery Kit that is a great entry kit for beginners. So scroll down and check this awesome video review from Aim Archery and find out what’s included in this excellent kit.

The Kit For Beginners | Reviewing The Axiom Archery Kit

Quality is what we always look for when we are searching for a certain product or gear. Of course, the next thing we look at is the price. We often ask ourselves if we are getting our money’s worth for a particular gear or accessory, but a product that’s high quality despite its price is definitely worth looking at. In archery, when a brand provides you with accuracy, feeling of speed and control at a reasonable prize, you can honestly say that you found the right one. On that note, allow me to introduce you to the SF Axiom Archery Kit. An archery kit that has everything a novice archer is looking for. A kit that is smartly engineered for beginners at a very affordable price. Check out the video below and find out what is included in the Axiom Archery Kit.

Hit play to start the video review below or watch [here] :

Check out this amazing archery kit and what is included in this awesome setup!  

The Riser

This is the Axiom+ riser, 23 or 25 inch left and right hand. It has an adjustable clicker extension, cushion’s double hole, magnetic arrow rest and it also has a fully re-engineered plunger. This is one of the best risers for starting archers.

The Limb

The Axiom+ Limbs is a combination of fiberglass along with two wooden layers that provide the limbs with exceptional flexibility, thus making them more comfortable to use and more accurate during shooting even with low poundage. Another good thing about this limbs is that it’s inexpensive so you can replace if you want to add more poundage.

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The Sight

This Axiom Sight is created to make you familiar with a competition sight. This is a very durable piece and it’s quality is very remarkable.

Easton Jazz Arrows

This is a new addition to this awesome kit. The Easton Jazz arrows have very good quality, durability, and definitely worth your money. You can cut this arrow to match the poundage of the bow you’re buying. This simply means that this is a good setup.

Soma Backpack

Another cool thing that is included in this kit is the Soma backpack. It has a lot of pockets  and compartments where you can put all your accessories and it also has an arrow tube for proper arrow storage. Also included in this kit are bow strings, a height gauge, a finger tab with a finger spacer, arm guard, and a bow stringer.

This archery kit will provide you a perfect setup because it got everything a novice archer needs. It will absolutely take you from the beginner course to a higher level of archery. This kit is available on any Ebay store and you can get the whole package for only 199.95 pounds. A remarkable kit for all archery newbies at a reasonable price is definitely a good catch. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your SF Axiom Archery Kit and start your way to archery greatness. Penny for your thoughts? Tell us what you think about this product review by leaving your two cents in the comments below.

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