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Add The Best Hiking Trails Of Europe To Your Hiking Bucket List

Europe holds most of their structures standing dating as far back as the Renaissance. Furthermore, some still stand from when the Roman empire was still around.



Europe holds most of their structures dating as far back as the Renaissance. Furthermore, some still stand from when the Roman empire was still around. While having these beautiful buildings in urban areas, there are also scenic views in the European countryside as well. These serve as great hiking trails that nature intricately put together for the millennia. You can’t get enough of the fascinating landscapes this great continent has been blessed with. So take a look at the best hiking trails Europe has in store!

Traverse The Best Hiking Trails Of Europe!

Hiking trails in Europe feature meadows, lakes, mountainside scenery, and more picturesque views for outdoor enthusiasts. The old continent has always been rich with breathtaking spots filled with historical significance since the beginning of civilization. If you’re one to traverse the best hiking trails of the world, you’ll be sure to find yourself in one of these European beauties. If you’re fond of watching movies, you might detect some very familiar places in the list. Have a look and take your pick!

West Highland Way – Scotland

Known as Scotland’s most famous route, the West Highland Way is a week’s hike. In addition, it’s complete from flatland hiking to an elevating trail best taken from south to north.

Hardangervidda Transverse – Norway

This Norwegian trail forks off to different routes with varying difficulties. This way, the greenhorn hiker can pick a less challenging route. On the other hand, a hiker with a more able body could go on a less populated trail enjoying the hike alone with nature.

Alsace Wine Route – France

To find wine growing in the form of grapes while hiking is priceless. In addition, the Alsace Wine Route is an excellent hill hiking and bike trail as well!

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Eagle Walk – Austria

You don’t simply find yourself in a cross-country hiking trail like the Eagles Walk. This awesome hiking trail travels Austria from end to end spanning a total of 412 kilometers. Most of all, sections of this majestic trail vary in difficulty allowing hikers of all levels to pick a section that’d best suit their skill and physique!

Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia

The Plitvice lakes, by far, is one of the most beautiful hiking trails you’ll ever set eyes on. Furthermore, lake after lake transitioning in the form of waterfalls and rivers could be the epitome of what Croatia is.

Preikestolen – Norway

Another of Norway’s hiking trail gems is the Preikestolen cliff. While hiking the relatively easy trail, the adventure concludes on a breathtaking plateau rising 2,000 feet above the sea.

Hot Springs Route – Iceland

While the Croatian beauty rests on lakes and waterfalls, Iceland has its own Hot Springs Route. As much as the trail offers a lot of different landscapes, the country’s most popular hiking route is just 55 km short. The 4-day 55-km hike may well be the best experience you’ve had.


Black Forest – Germany

For over 130 years, outdoorsmen all over the world have been frequenting the deep penetrating trails of the Black Forest. Furthermore, the Black Forest in Germany is said to be the birthplace of hiking.

Rota Vicentina – Portugal

The Rota Vicentina is a coastal trail in Portugal featuring the rocky edges of the country. Almost all of its length traverses through the seaside while occasionally passing through small villages. I’m beginning to think that the Portuguese conquistadors set off to find the rest of the world’s best hiking trails.

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Europe is brimming with remarkably beautiful countryside hiking trails but seeing them for yourself is just wonderful. The best hiking trails just remind you of why you love the great outdoors. So what are you waiting for? Go out and tell us your experience in the comments below!

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