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Big Wild Hog Hunting In Texas



Feral hogs are common game in the US and they can easily provide 200 pounds of meat each harvest. These animals also come in great numbers across Texas and some even classify them as vermin which make them a great target for hunters. Follow dnahoghunter as he takes down a 200-lb saddleback while hog hunting in Texas!

Big Wild Hog Hunting In Texas

Watch This 200-lb Texan Saddleback Get Sacked

Being outside the city just flushes out all the negative energy and takes away all the stress that the busy lifestyle brings. Good thing, hunters like dnahoghunter and Chase get to go out and hunt those big hogs in the woods. Not only are they able to put food on the table, but they’re also able to get away from the city life and live freely in the countryside. How I wished I also went wild hog hunting in Texas or any other state. I’d love to bring me a kilo of hog meat or two with me.

The video wasn’t as clear because of the lack of sunlight but good thing there’s the Red Destroyer Hog Light to help keep the animal visible. Hogs become especially alert if you use white flashlight but when green or red light is used, there’s a big chance they won’t notice a thing.

Despite having low visibility, they were able to shoot the hog and maim it for a while. Chase then follows up with a head shot for the killing blow. The first shot got the pig around the chest area but it seems that it wasn’t enough to kill the heavyweight.

A few other animals were present at the hunting site like raccoons, turkeys, and even an 8-point deer! However, they were there for the big haul and they just hit the jackpot with a nice wild boar harvest. With great equipment and awesome hunting skills, not even darkness could stop these hunters from getting their game.

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