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[Watch This] Sporting Rifles Power: Trying Out The Colt Competition CSR-1516 5.56mm/223



Colt Competition makes the best sporting rifles. PERIOD. This makes them great for competition. But unlike commercial rifles, these bad boys aren’t manufactured but instead, built one at a time giving it the best quality possible. Take a look at the Colt Competition CSR-1516 that’ll leave you drooling!

[Watch This] Sporting Rifles Power: Trying Out The Colt Competition CSR-1516 5.56mm/223

The Best Semi-Automatic Rifle For A Perfect Handling Experience

This sporting rifle is made by one of the best rifle producers. When I say they’re the best, THEY ARE THE BEST. I mean their technology is simply awesome. For starters, take a look at the muzzle break. A great bird-cage style muzzle break like that manages the recoil very efficiently making it perfect for more followup shots. Check out all the other specs on this awesome rifle!

The CSR-1516 has got a six-position adjustable butt stock that can be collapsed for a very short rifle, making it perfect for smaller spaces or even close combat.


The trigger has a six-pound release, adding a crisp sensation every time you pull it. Can you imagine the sound? I bet you can. In addition, the trigger guard is quite longer than usual so shooting with a pair of gloves on would be no problem. This trigger is match-grade finished with nickel and Teflon coating.


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The pistol grip is made of rubber and has grooves that will fit perfectly on your hand. You don’t have to worry about the gun slipping off your hand as you shoot.

Here’s a complete video on shooting the Colt Competition CSR-1516. (Note: that’s not me, but I wish it were.)

Among others, the CSR-1516 part of the Colt Competition sporting rifles collection is best calibrated with a .223 Remington cartridge and the accuracy is just crazy! Nonetheless, even with the 5.56mm NATO, you’ll surely have an awesome experience with this baby incomparable to other rifles on its price range. You can’t get this amount of quality and save big time on the bucks!

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