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[Hunting Tips] Bow Hunting Backpack Checklist For Hunters



A bow hunter’s survival lies on his bow hunting backpack. Thus bow hunters often bring an assortment of things other than the hunting gear that may provide more convenience while they’re out on their spot. These things do vary from hunter to hunter and there are a number of brands to choose from which also depends on the hunter’s preference. Let’s take a look at what’s inside the bow hunters’ backpack.

[Hunting Tips] Bow Hunting Backpack Checklist For Hunters

A Peek At Bow Hunters’ Hunting Backpack

This time, we take a look at Reality Survival‘s bow hunting backpack and hunting load as he goes through all of the items that he brings with him each time he goes out for a hunt. The items listed are for dual purpose that could be used for bow hunting as well as taking care of the tasks needed. Nonetheless, as all bow hunters should be prepared for, Reality Survival brings gear in case he spends an extra night in the woods.

1. Bow Hunters Backpack

This Cabela’s backpack has a soft material used on its outer protection which makes less noise compared to other bags with ballistic nylon, etc. It has a nice fit on the waste that actually resembles a fanny pack when the additional upper bag is removed so there’s room to tie down other items with irregular form like the bow and arrows.

2. Water Bottle

Depending on the distance from the truck to the bow hunting spot, the amount of water you bring should keep you hydrated all the time.

3. Range Finder

This gadget computes the exact distance between you and your target so it eliminates the need to estimate and gives confidence to your shots!

4. Head Lamp

In case you can’t get back to camp or your truck before dark, you still have vision in the woods while travelling back to the safe zone.

5. Wind Checker

Bring a wind checker to be able to know the direction of the wind.

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6. Flashlight

A flashlight will come handy when it gets dark. It can also be used to visually signal other people.

7. Knife Sharpener

This portable knife sharpener will surely keep your knives sharp. You’ll never know when your knives get dull so it’s best to bring a sharpener with you.

8. Shooting Gloves

You don’t want your hands to get beat up as you repeatedly pull the bow string when hunting so it’s great to wear shooting gloves as you do so.

9. Head Net

If you don’t want to wear face paint to camouflage your face, you can wear a head net. It’s neater and provides a better camouflage as well.

10. Deer Drag

Once you have that deer cleanly taken out, you’d want something to help you drag it back to your camp. A deer drag will be very much useful in this situation.

11. Gut Knife

Sometimes you just want to process the meat while you’re in the woods and cut them to more manageable chunks. A gut knife could prove useful for such task.

12. Arm Protector

You don’t want to have the bow string lashing out your arm without protection so you better be wearing this arm protector.

13. Bungee Cords

Some bow hunters use bungee cords to hang their quiver up in trees so these small ropes may come in handy.

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14. Trail Marking Tape

Lastly, you don’t want to lose your trail once you’re deep inside the woods. Having trail marking tape wrapped around trees will help you find your way back no matter what.

Take a look at the full video below!

Bow hunting isn’t necessarily just bow hunting. It includes an array of activities like tree climbing, trekking, finding the right spot, and even butchering your own harvest so one might need more tools than one might think. Bow hunters will have different opinions on this matter and you’re gonna have to find the gear that you’ll be comfortable with!

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