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Try These 9 Awesome Campfire Games For A Memorable Night Out

Camping has always been a fun and exciting escapade. Well, it could be more exhilarating and memorable when you share it with your peers and family playing games around the campfire. So read on and learn more campfire games that you can enjoy in your next camping trip.



Campfire games are fun ways to make camping a little more exciting. These games allow everyone to participate. This will lead to a strong relationship among peer campers. Apart from games, sharing stories and life experiences can make your camaraderie and bond tighter. Well, that’s the point of camping, isn’t it? Get a good laugh and some mind exercise with these fun games to try.

Try These 9 Awesome Campfire Games For A Memorable Night Out

Camping is a good way to bond with your family friends while allowing you to escape the busy and bustling activities in the city. With Mother Nature as the backdrop, it’s a chance to reconnect with each other. But talking all night will be boring. That’s not why you went camping. That’s why we’ve come up with this short list of campfire games for everyone. Want something that requires a little action around the camp area? Check this short, but fun, list out.

1. Tell Me A Story

The idea is to make one situation/ event lengthen with a string of other events. One person starts with the specific event then the other members will follow to add more details. It’s a fun way to expand the imagination. It’s so good you’ll end up making funny or even unrealistic stories at the end of this campfire game. Don’t forget to pack a collapsible table and chair.

2. Nighttime Bowling

Yes, bowling in the woods but with glow-in-the-dark sticks. Just place the sticks inside plastic bottles and you can start bowling them over. Just remember to put barriers like branches which will serve as lanes so that the ball will not go anywhere. Click here to know how to make it. If bowling’s not your thing,try RING TOSS.

3. Truth or Dare

Pretty classic, right? The objective is to choose between ‘truth’ or ‘dare’. If a person chooses truth, he/she must tell an embarrassing story and they have, to be honest with it. If on one hand, the person chooses dare then an embarrassing act must be done. Just be cautious to make it in context to suit children’s needs.

4. I Won’t Laugh Challenge

This game is simple but gets everyone gets to have fun. Two teams must be made and one must be ‘on stage’ first. They must then choose one member from the opposing team to be on the ‘hot seat. The goal of the team on stage is to make the person on the ‘hot seat’ to laugh. The team on stage must not also touch the person sitting and must only do actions accordingly. They can work individually or as a group. If they were able to make the person sitting laugh, they get the point. If the person sitting was able to keep a straight face then his team gets the point. What a good challenge, right?

5. Marshmallow Maverick

Prove that you can roast a crust around a marshmallow, remove it then make another crust again. The record is 12 times. I might not find this game the most enjoyable one there is, but it’s a good way to pass time! So, you better capture it in photos to make us believe. Get your complete set of roasters right HERE.

6. Two Truths and a Lie

Get to know a person better by playing this campfire game. The mechanics are very easy. One person will be asked to give three facts about themselves. Once all are done, they must decide which of the ‘facts’ is actually a lie. This works very well with older audiences but will also prove fun with the younger teens.

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7. Tell Me A Secret

This campfire game is a test of memory. One person starts whispering a ‘secret ‘ next to him/her until it all goes around the circle. By the time it reaches the first person, it would be funny enough to know if there are any changes or alterations in the story.

8. Taped Goodie Ball Game

It’s mad rush to rip and tear a big ball of tape. Once done, inside the ball is a treasure of goodies and treats. Definitely, a fun way to get ‘rip’. You’ll find this game surprisingly fun especially if you’re a sweet tooth like me! Learn the instructions here. Get comfy in this lounge chair after this delightful game.

9. Dead Fish

What do you think does a dead fish do? None, right? So the objectives of this game are to not move or make any sound. Once the game starts, one person will inspect and tag people ‘Out’ if they violate the rule. The fun starts when those who are already ‘Out’ starts to make the other people respond.

Watch this video from IRUNMADEIN if you want to know how fun campfire games are!

Camping and campfire games go beyond fun activities. While they all trigger happiness and excitement, they also allow participants to know themselves as well as their peers. So, on your next outdoor trip, why not pack these games and activities that will surely make it memorable.

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