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Bring These Camping Appliances With You Every Trip

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to camping stores to check what’s new in outdoor gadgetry. It’s a good thing to know what new things we can utilize outdoors, but there’s the primary stuff you just can’t do without.



There are countless varieties of camping appliances enough to get you puzzled.  Outdoor lovers will do what they can to get their hands on as much equipment they desire, but obviously, you can’t have them all.  There are items that you gotta bring with you every time you go camping.  Travel light as much as possible and choose carefully the most important things that every camp can’t do without.  A great camping experience is determined by being able to effectively address your outdoor needs.

Must Have Camping Appliances For Every Trip

You can buy all those cool stuff but there’s no way you can use them all at once.  I understand the feeling of bewilderment as soon as you get inside a camping store.  You just want to buy every piece of new outdoor equipment you lay your eyes on.  Then comes the awaited day for camping, you make sure everything’s in your trailer.  Your back home after a day or two barely touching the new stuff you bought.  It’s not really wasted money because there’s always a next time for another outdoor fun in the near future.  I guess what I’m trying to say is if your old camping stove is still in good condition, the newest cooking equipment in the store can always wait.  Check out these must-have camping appliances for all your outdoor occasions.

Waterproof Tent

Your tent has to be waterproof for a very good reason.  The weather can be unpredictable so in case it rains, you don’t wanna be sleeping wet.  Also know how many people are staying in the tent.  If you have one that fits five people, limit your tent to only four for you to have a bit more space.

Camp Lighting

You can’t depend on campfires for your light source at night.  You might be surprised how dark it is as soon as the sun fully sets.  There’s a wide variety of camp lighting you can choose from to light your tent at night. You can pack in this Hybeam 2-in-1 LED Lantern and Flashlight for camping. Get it right here. 

Sleeping Bag

It’s really frustrating when you can’t get enough heat while sleeping.  Sleeping bag is a must-have for all camping trips.  Good sleep is very much needed to prepare you for another energy-filled morning ahead.

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Sleeping Pad

Yes you already have a sleeping bag in the list, but that may not be enough to protect you from the cold ground.  This is one experience I could not forget during my early camping days.  The sleeping bag keeps your body warm except the part that’s touching the ground.

First Aid Kit

Before going on any hike or camp out, always bring a first aid kit.  This is crucial for your safety and those you are with.  The more you know how to administer first aid, the more prepared you are for emergency situations.

Camping Stove

There’s a wide range of camping stoves available in the market.  They come in different forms from compact ones to camping stoves that can charge your cellphones.  Whichever you wanna use, just make sure it’s a reliable cooking device. You might also want to bring in a set of kitchen knife with you. Get this TSU 8 Piece Precision forged knife set, along with a carrying bag.

Hunting Knife

You can’t go camping without bringing a knife.  Knives are used almost the whole time from preparing food, cutting a rope, emergency first aid, you name it.  A good reliable knife will aid you throughout the trip.



A handy flashlight for every person is recommended.  You can’t bring your camp light with you whenever there’s a need to wander a few meters away from your campsite.  The more light source you have during the night, the better.

Water Bottle / Water Purifier

Always see to it you have a reliable water container.  Water is always a necessity wherever you go so it’s no surprise this is one of the primary items to bring in camp.  A water purifier is also recommended in certain situations.

Cellphone and Power Bank

You don’t just bring a cellphone to entertain you when you’re bored.  Conserve mobile power as much as possible for emergency purposes.  Communication plays a major role when the moment calls for it especially in life threatening situations.

Watch this video to see one of the smallest camping stoves – the Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium.

I’m not against the latest in camping gadgetry.  In fact, I tend to overspend on camping equipment myself.  If you’re new to the outdoor world and you only have limited budget to spend, this will serve as your guide for a successful night out in the wilderness.  As long as you have all these items in camp aside from food and clothing, you’ll definitely figure it out to survive the night.

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