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Coyote Hunting in Colorado | It’s a Game!



hunter-camouflage-shotgun-on-winter-hunting | Coyote Hunting in Colorado | It's a Game! | Featured

Even without a bounty, coyote hunting in Colorado is every hunter’s goal. With the proper license and permits and the right hunting techniques, you can take as many coyotes as your rifle can shoot.

Here are all the necessary information and tips you need to make it a worthwhile game.

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Everything You Need to Know About Coyote Hunting in Colorado | FAQs

— This post is courtesy of the American Gun Association shared with permission —

What Are the Rules of Hunting Coyote in Colorado

hunter-camouflage-rifle-holding-duck-prey | colorado coyote hunting areas

In Colorado, coyotes are classified under the furbearer and small game animals’ categories. With that, there are several conditions under which you can hunt coyotes legally in Colorado.

You can purchase a “Furbearer Only” hunting license. However, with this, you are only allowed to hunt mammals in the fur-bearing category like coyotes, raccoons, beavers, bobcats, foxes, among other furbearers.

Since coyotes also fall in the small-game category, having a small game license in Colorado also allows you to hunt coyotes legally.

However, you can also hunt the coyotes during the big-game season without a small-game license. This is as long as you have an unfilled big-game license for the season or unit in question. In this case, you are required to abide by the hunting rules stated in your big-game license.

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Important: The big game license is only valid if it is not filled. After filling, you will need either of the first two licenses to carry on Colorado’s coyote hunting.

What if I Am Not a Colorado Resident

wild-coyote-snow-covered-forest-kananaskis | colorado coyote size

You can still go coyote hunting in Colorado even if you are not a resident, provided you have either one of the three licenses and follow the hunting rules specified in each.

When Can I Hunt Coyotes in Colorado

two mens inside forest | what license do you need to hunt coyotes

Unlike in Utah, where the predator protection program specifies hunting zones and dates, coyote hunting in Colorado is an all-year-round affair. It is the best place to head to when the coyote hunting season is over in other counties.

What Is the Coyote Bag Limit in Colorado

after-trapping-season-predator-animal-pelts | colorado coyote bounty

Lucky for you, there is no limit to how many coyotes you can kill in Colorado. You can take as many as the bullets in your rifle. This makes Colorado a great place to practice and perfect your hunting and gun skills to that grizzled veteran you have always wanted to be.

Which Mechanical Hunting Devices Are Allowed in Colorado

coyote-call-simulating-animal-sounds-thereby | what to take coyote hunting


Aside from using electronic predator calls, Colorado also allows artificial decoys to hunt fur-bearing animals.

What Are the Legal Firearms for Hunting Coyote in Colorado

hunter-optical-rifle-winter-snowfall coyote hunting tips for beginners

As far as firearms are concerned, hunters are free to use either a handgun, any standard rifle, shotgun, or a hand-held bow or crossbow.

However, it is illegal to use a centerfire rifle larger than .23 caliber to hunt furbearers, game birds, and small-game mammals  – during regular-rifle elk and deer seasons, west of I-25. This is unless you have an unfilled elk or deer license appropriate for the season you are hunting.


  • You can also use live traps, but these are limited to box traps or cages.
  • Hunters are also allowed to use suppressors when hunting game animals.

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When Is the Legal Hunting Time in Colorado

beautiful-coyote-canis-latrans-hunting-food | colorado coyote facts

Though the specified legal hunting time for small game animals is one-half hour before sunrise to sunset, exceptions are made for furbearers, which can be hunted one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

Coyotes, raccoons, striped skunks, bobcats, gray, red, and swift foxes, and beavers can also be hunted at night.

What Are the Specified Conditions for Night Hunting in Colorado

brush-wolf-coyote-winter-snow-night | coyote population colorado

Aside from the allowed hunting firearms, private lands allow artificial light when hunting coyotes at night. However, for public lands, you have to get a permit from the district or area wildlife manager to use lighting when hunting at night.

Reminder: Permits are only valid for the place and time specified.


  • It is illegal to hunt with a light projected from inside or permanently attached to a vehicle
  • It is also illegal to take furbearers within 500 yards of building or dwelling structures as it puts human life in danger.

What Regulations Are There for Transporting Taken Dead Coyotes

missouri-trapper-has-captured-harvest-fleshed | best time to hunt coyotes

Hunters are expected to accompany wildlife carcasses that do not require a tag. However, wildlife must be accompanied by an original license or a photocopy of the same.

Unlike other furbearers, coyote pelts do not need to be sealed and inspected before transportation or shipping.

What Baits Are Allowed When Hunting Coyote in Colorado

grey-wolves-canis-lupus-pick-meat | colorado coyote hunting

You can use bait when hunting, but it must only constitute animals or plants. Besides animal carcasses, you can also use parts of other legal furbearers, longnose suckers, shad, or carp.

You can also use the inedible parts of other domestic or other legal mammals.

What if I Want to Use My Dog to Hunt

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Colorado allows dogs to hunt furbearers, small game, and waterfowl but only to flush out or point to the coyotes, retrieve, pursue, or drag the killed coyotes.

How Do I Prepare for Coyote Hunting in Colorado

male-hunter-preparing-food-portable-gas | colorado coyote hunting tips

For an exciting coyote hunting Colorado experience, here are some tips to remember.

  • Have a Colorado small-game or furbearer-only license
  • Invest in hunting clothes and gear.
  • Beverage or drinking water.
  • Bait (optional)
  • Dog (optional)
  • Hunting decoy
  • Electronic predator call
  • Night light for night hunting
  • Necessary permits
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The coyote hunting Colorado experience is the dream for both veterans and newbies. Whether you hunt as a hobby or do it to keep your livestock and pets safe, the information herein will guide you in doing it the right way, both for yourself and the state.

Have you gone coyote hunting in Colorado before? What other tips should beginners keep in mind? Let us know in the comment section below!

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