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Hunting Tools | How To Properly Maintain Your Custom Hunting Knives



Custom hunting knives can be a lot more expensive than the usual hunting knife you’d purchase from manufacturers. This is why we need to take care of them properly. Apart from lifespan issues, we need to make sure that they are fully functional when brought to the field. If you don’t know how to care for your custom hunting knife, tune in because these tips will definitely be worth your while!

A hunter needs his custom hunting knives in tip-top shape. This means the blade needs to be sharp enough to cut through bone and sinew, and the material of the handle needs to be in good shape. Otherwise, you’d end up with a rusty and slippery hunting knife.

Hunting Tools | How To Properly Maintain Your Custom Hunting Knives

Keep Your Knives Sharp And Clean The Right Way

Any small task can appear so daunting especially if you’re dealing with expensive gear like your custom hunting knives. However, taking care of them isn’t that hard and in this article, you’ll find that proper care and maintenance for your knives is a must. Take a look at these tips on maintaining your custom knives!

Knives can easily acquire all sorts of dirt and foreign elements that could harm its blade and handle. Cleaning your hunting knives is definitely a must and should be done every time after you use them. I prefer cleaning my knives with a damp cloth and wiping it afterwards to keep it dry.

Store Knives Properly

If you plan to keep your knife for a long time, be sure that the place you’re keeping it in is dry and not cramped. Avoid storing your custom knives in humid places as it might cause the blade to corrode. Having other items in your keeping place might bang into your knife and damage your knife or vice versa.

Keep Them Sharp

A sharp knife is a safe knife and so you should never miss sharpening them from time to time. Most accidents happen when trying to man-handle a dull knife so you better start sharpening those custom hunting knives. I’d prefer to go home after a hunt with all my fingers intact!

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Lubricate often

Lastly, apply a few drops of lubricant for moving parts like your folding knife‘s pivot. This makes sure that its mechanism works all the time. However, don’t over do it cause you’ll be left with a messy knife with all sorts of gooey stuff leaking out of it.

Check out this knife-cleaning video straight from KA-BAR Knives:

Proper care and maintenance are important to keep your knife in tip-top shape. Once you caught that elusive game then it’s time to skin it and turned it into an exquisite cuisine. There’s no better companion than a good old custom hunting knife. Keep it clean, sharp, and lubricated for safer and happier knife tasks in the field!

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