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These Deer Hunting Supplies Should Be In Your Backpack

Deer hunting supplies like zip locks and plastic bags play an ambient role in the field so don’t take them lightly. We’ve done you a favor and listed down deer hunting supplies that should always be in your backpack.



Deer hunting supplies like zip locks and plastic bags play an ambient role in the field. You might not notice their impact on the hunt, but they’re just as important as your other gear. While scouring the backcountry for the big game like deer, you’ll always think of bringing flashy items like the latest rangefinders. However, they’ll never run without batteries. So we’ve done you a favor and listed down deer hunting supplies that should always be in your backpack.

These Deer Hunting Supplies Should Be In Your Backpack

There are numerous deer hunting gear lists out there that we almost always leave out the supplies. You should never forget key items like first aid kits and toiletries for a comfortable hunting experience. Cutting to the chase, these are the deer hunting supplies you must never fail to replenish.

First Aid Kit

Although the chances of you using your first aid kit are small, it’s good practice to always check the supplies in it. To some hunters like myself, this kit includes medicines for various ailments. That includes some benadryl, ibuprofen, and even loperamide in case I find myself in a bad case of constipation.

Scent Killers

Scent killers are probably the most utilized supply there is among all other items on the list. While hunting on a stand, scent killers are very beneficial concealing your scent from the deer’s sensitive nose. I’ve had multiple occasions when I was sure the deer can’t see or hear me but was aware I was there. Thus, it was able to pick up my scent ’cause I forgot to spray myself with the scent killer.

Insect Repellent

Another important item for maximum comfort in the field is the insect repellent. You can easily get bitten by all sorts of insects while in the woods. To prevent this, use an insect repellent of some sort. Thermacell is very efficient at keeping those nasty insects at bay. I highly recommend using Thermacell if you’re not using it yet.

Zip Locks

Zip locks are excellent trash bins you can carry around. Plus you can use them to store miscellaneous items that may easily get lost. Thus, they’re just there to organize your things, or separate the clean items from the nasty ones.

Zip Ties

I find zip ties very handy at times when you want to tie something down. Once I’ve tracked down the game, I’ll use zip ties to attach the tag without the hassle of tying a knot. In addition, it can also be useful when making shelter for securing the tarp in place. There are a million ways to use zip ties and it’s all very convenient.


The lighter is part of your survival kit and is an essential tool in making fire. While some prefer matches, I like to bring a lighter just for convenience’s sake. As part of your survival kit, the lighter must always have fluid in it in order to produce fire when the need arises. But if you want to be sure, maybe bring a couple of them and a box of matches.

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Wet Wipes

Field dressing is a messy business and a good way to clean after it is with wet wipes. There may not be an abundance of water around so wet wipes are my go-to. Furthermore, these white little sheets are very useful in case you need to make a number two.


Electronics are getting more and more prevalent on hunting equipment these days. Most, if not all of them are running on batteries so it’s easy to run out on these. Be sure to pack extra batteries each time you go for a hunt. In addition, watch the indicator on the gadget when the battery’s about to run out.

Bear Spray

One item that you don’t ever wanna use on this list is a bear spray. However, this is a very important item and should always be kept in check. Thankfully, I never got to use mine but I always make it a point to check if it’s in my pack. Once I step out the truck, it’s there on the right pocket of my vest.

Plastic Garbage Bags

I use plastic garbage bags for two main reasons. One is to cover my pack in case it rains(the outer compartments aren’t waterproof), and the other is to use as a mat for my field dressing items. Although it rarely runs out, I always check how many of it is on the stock.


And for my favorite item on the list, always bring snacks wherever you go. These aren’t just an in-between-meals kind of thing, but a reservoir for emergencies. There are some circumstances that will hinder you from getting back to camp on time so it’s good to have food in your pack.

Portable Stove Fuel

Hunting usually takes 3-4 days in the wild going back and forth the field during the day. Eating jerky alone isn’t that appealing so I prefer to cook a fresh harvest from the river or canned goods. I use a portable stove and these run on butane as fuels. If you’re one to do this as well, be sure to always replenish those fuel cans as soon as you get home.


The last but very important item on the list is ammunition. Go visit the shop every once in a while to get a box or so of your ammo of preference. Rifle hunting without bullets is hilariously idiotic. Lastly, make sure you buy the right ammunition for the right kind of game.

Watch this video from GunsGearReviews for more idea on what to include in your hunting backpack!


Small things make a big impact on hunting so it’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Deer hunting supplies may hold little monetary value but in the field, they’re priceless. If you have some other deer hunting supplies you’d like to mention, feel free to do so in the comments!

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