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Do you have the guts to try extreme sports? If the answer is “yes”, then check out the list of adrenaline-pumping extreme sports and challenge yourself to try one this summer!

Extreme Sports: Are You Fearless Enough To Try It?

When the sport you used to love becomes old and boring, a devoted adventurer or sportsman looks for something new, something bizarre, something that will send shivers down their spines. And in my opinion, that search gave birth to extreme sports. What was once a niche of radical teenagers is now a growing sport. So this summer, get ready for an action-packed adventure that will make your heart pound faster than before. Check out the list of extreme sports below and if you have what it takes, I dare you to try it!



Skateboarding is one of the fastest growing extreme sports in the world. It involves riding and doing tricks using a skateboard. You can skate on flatland, on a vert, or in the streets. It is a fun recreational activity but also a dangerous sport just like any other extreme sport, so wearing protective gear is a highly suggested.


If riding a skateboard doesn’t satisfy your need for speed then try downhill longboarding where a rider can reach 50 miles per hour. A longboard varies in sizes and shapes unlike its skateboard counterpart. You can also perform tricks or just simply cruise and enjoy a smooth ride.

Water Skiing

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One awesome way to enjoy the summer is by water skiing. Slashing the glass-calm waters is simply incomparable. If you want to try water skiing, you need to have strong arms and legs and a good balance. It is a relatively easy water sport even kids can try and enjoy.

Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is an air sport that gives you a sense of freedom. You can live your fantasies of flying and gliding through the air like an eagle. Hang gliders can soar for hours and reach high altitudes thus giving them a chance to experience what it is like to have wings and fly. Not only that, you can also witness stunning sceneries as you glide through the air.


If speed and powerful engines are what you crave, but not fond of driving around a circuit, then put the pedal to the metal and try rallying. An adrenaline-inducing sport that will quench your thirst for a fast-paced adventure. Racing is done on public or private roads specifically modified for rallying. The race has different stages where you can win by pure speed.


Motocross is one of my favorite extreme sports because of the thrill and excitement it has not only for the competitors but also for the spectators. It is an off-road motor racing that originated from the United Kingdom in 1912. Since then, motocross enthusiasts and riders continue to grow in numbers alongside the various competitions held all over the world. This sport does not only involves racing but also performing different kinds of tricks or acrobatic stunts.


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Take you summer adventure to new heights and try parachuting or skydiving. Jumping off a plane and free falling is absolutely nerve-racking. And just like other extreme sports, this is not for the faint of heart. As you fall you will have the opportunity to see the beauty of the world on top view even for just a few minutes.

Wingsuit Flying

If paragliding and hang gliding doesn’t give you the extreme satisfaction you are looking for then I suggest you try wingsuit flying. You can jump off a plane or off a cliff then glide through the air with the use of a wingsuit. It is a very dangerous sport but if its thrill you search for then you will definitely have it. Maybe more than what you asked for.

BMX Racing

This exhilarating extreme sport is inspired by motocross. BMX Racing started in the late 60’s and it became an instant hit in the world of cycling. Riders will race in a single lap track consisting of various jumps. You can just imagine the excitement it can bring from the starting gate to the finish line.

Mountain Biking

If BMX Racing is not enough to feed your hunger for extreme sports then mountain biking is one of the best alternatives. Ride through rough terrains and test your endurance, bike handling skills, and balance. Challenge yourself this summer and conquer even the toughest mountains.


Parkour is one of the extreme sports where the only thing you need is a physically fit body and a sound mind. This sport came from a military obstacle course that includes running, climbing, swinging, jumping and other movements deemed fit for a particular situation.

Free Climbing

When rock climbing becomes dull and boring and you’re looking for something more exciting, then free climbing will certainly please the daredevil in you. Without the use of ropes and other climbing devices, this is arguably the most dangerous sport known to man. So if you have the balls, I dare you to try free climbing this summer.

Kite Surfing

This water sport combines wakeboarding, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one awesome extreme sport. Using the power of the wind, a kiteboarder controls a large kite and propel across the water. There are different styles you can perform with kiteboarding such as speed, freestyle, jumping and kitesurfing in the waves. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this activity this summer.

Jet Skiing

Hit the throttle as hard as you can because this sport will surely fire up your adrenaline! Jet Skiing is an extreme sport that lets you experience the thrill of going fast as you glide and rip through the water. A high-speed watercraft without breaks fits perfectly in your extreme sports bucket list this summer.


This is one of the most frightening extreme sports in this list. Highlining is a sport where an athlete walks through a narrow, springy rope hanging high above the ground. If someone will say it’s a thrilling sport then that’s an understatement.


Watch this video and check out the top 10 spine-tingling extreme sports!

Extreme sports are continuously growing and reaching extensive media attention. The new breed of athletes are participating and fanatics fill up venues to watch them perform mind-blowing stunts. The once condemned and law-breaking activity is a now a multi-billion dollar industry loved by many. If you’re craving an extreme adventure, strap up and prepare for an adrenaline-pumping summer!

Do you have more extreme sports in mind? If you do, you can drop your two cents in the comments below!

Now you know some of the extreme sports you can try this summer, check out more outdoor travels and activities for a true warrior like you!

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