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How To Pack A Backpack For A 7-Day Hunting Trip



Looking for ways on how to pack a backpack for a 7-day hunting trip? Read on and check out the tips that will help you pack without missing an important gear!

How To Pack A Backpack For A Week-Long Hunting Trip

Carrying the right gear on the hunting ground is extremely advantageous if you’re planning on spending a whole week hunting out in the woods. Not having the necessary items when you need it the most could ruin the whole trip. Long hunting trips need rigorous planning and packing if you’re new to this kind adventure. On that note, I came up with reliable tips you can consider when packing for a 7-day hunting adventure. Scroll down and check them out for a more successful hunting trip.


Tip #1: Weigh things out

And when I say weigh things out, I mean it in the literal sense. Make sure you’re bringing the lightest possible version of your gear. However, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for weight. If it’s a really important item like your backpack, you won’t get far with a light but a very shabby bag.

Tip #2: Keep your pack dry

Unexpected weather changes can’t be avoided as it can go from sunny to rainy in a matter of hours. When you’re 5 miles out in the field, there’s no time to go back and start waterproofing your gear. Be sure your pack is waterproof and the things inside are safe from the elements.

Tip #3: Ditch the wants

When packing a backpack, there are two types of items you might fit in the bag. There are the absolutely necessary ‘needs’ you can’t live without, and the luxury ‘want’ items. Before you pack it in, think whether you really need to use the item or not. Because if you don’t, you don’t want to carry that weight around for 7 days.

Tip #4: Use nested cooking equipment

Saving space is a key to packing right and nested cooking gear could save you a lot of space. If you can’t find a set that will suit all your needs, you can buy them separately, but be sure they fit inside each other. This way, you’re able to keep all of them inside the largest container and save a huge amount of space in your pack.

Tip #5: Keep metal items in cloth containers

Aluminum items can’t be avoided and they’re always necessary for cooking. However, they make annoying noises when they hit each other. Consequently, this may alert the animals of your presence so you have to keep them separately in cloth bags.

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Tip#6: Pick a comfortable pack

Walking around for days with a very uncomfortable pack is a horrible experience. I always make sure the pack I’m using suits my physique and wraps around my back seamlessly. As such, look for a pack with good padding and one that is breathable so you don’t sweat too much.

Tip #7: Bring versatile items/multi-tools

Although I’m not fond of using multi-tools (like a Swiss knife), it’s a good way to cut down the weight of your pack. Choose versatile items that will serve different purposes. I always bring a survival knife I could field dress a game with. Consequently, I won’t have to bring a set of knives like gut hooks, skinning knives, etc.

Tip #8: Check and re-check

Before finalizing your pack, be sure everything you need is there. Once you’re in the field, there’s no more turning around to pick up a few items you forgot. Be sure to double or even triple check your list to see if all the essential items are there. It only takes a couple minutes but it could save you a few days worth of regret.

Tip #9: Prepare for the long journey

Lastly, a 7-day hunting excursion isn’t an easy task. Most of the time, you’re going to be alone in the wilderness without anyone to help you in case you chicken out. I suggest preparing your body and mind before heading out to the field. A few minutes of meditation and daily exercises is very effective for me.


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Preparation is the real key to anything we do. In hunting, having the necessary equipment at your disposal or within your reach will make your trip very convenient. Also, how you’ll fit it inside your bag matters big time. When everything is ready, all you need to do is to go out there and harvest your game. A whole week spent to reunite with nature along with a good catch is something every hunter yearns for. Happy Hunting!

Do you have more hunting tips in mind? Share it with us in the comments below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October, 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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