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A Complete Whitetail Hunting Gear Checklist For Hunters

Whether you’re a veteran hunter or a newbie, having the complete hunting gear whenever you’re out in the woods will most likely lead you to success. Being prepared can definitely make you bag a big whitetail. So to help you, we have come up with an awesome hunting gear checklist that will serve a good reminder when you’re packing and getting ready for a memorable trip. read on to learn more about it and be guided accordingly.



Whitetail hunting gear isn’t any different than other game like elk, moose, or bear hunting gear. However, different terrains and weather conditions may alter the things you’d bring to a hunt. But if you’re one to prepare for fast changing weather, you may as well cross out all the items on the list. But why do you need a list? First off, I believe in being prepared for a hunt. Apart from having ammo and food, I make sure that I also have items that guarantee my safety. For a quick guide on what equipment to bring, check out the hunting gear checklist we’ve put up for you!

A Complete Whitetail Hunting Gear Checklist For Hunters

In addition to weather conditions, the time of day and the length of your stay can also determine what things you may need for the hunt. A lot of factors can also affect the outcome of your hunt, such as the presence of other animals, or the lack of it, or even putting yourself at risk. For example, I’m not one to excuse myself from getting lost, which is why I always make it a point to bring a GPS with me. It’s not just about bringing guns and bullets. While considering all these things, the weight and bulkiness of your pack may have an impact on your mobility. Take a peek at the list we’ve put together for a complete but compact whitetail hunting gear checklist!

Hunting Backpack


Hunting packs are very basic gear items. With all the other items you’ll put in it, it should be sturdy and as much as possible, waterproof to keep things inside dry.

Hunting Knives

Hunting knives aren’t only useful for field dressing and cutting up a game. It’s much useful for other cutting and bushcraft tasks as well.

Ropes Or Cordage

Another very important item on the list is cordage. While other hunters prefer to hunt on tree stands and use the rope for climbing, other hunters can make use of it for tying things down. A perfect example of when to use ropes is when making a shelter.

Flagging Tape

If you don’t want to lose your way when tracking down a game, use flagging tape. It’ll be sure to lead you back where you started!

Scent Killer

Scent killers are excellent for concealing human scent from white-tail. Deer’s sense of smell is surprisingly good but scent killers are super effective, these deer never know you’re there!

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Deer Calls

Deer calls aren’t always effective but if you prefer to use them, they might actually prove useful at times.


As much as rangefinders are superb tools for assessing the range between you and the game, they won’t work without good batteries. Be sure those batteries are charged and fully loaded before venturing into the hunt.

Wind Checker

Knowing the wind direction is tantamount to knowing where to shoot thus wind checkers should be in your pack. Despite having a perfectly steady aim and assessing the distance correctly, a strong wind can easily send your arrow flying away!

License Tag

Tag your harvest to avoid having game wardens call you out on it. There’s no better way to keep them off than to follow all the rules and regulations set by the ISSF and your local government.


Another important navigating device is the GPS. It’s very precise and accurate, you’ll be confident straying away from the trail every now and then!

Fire Starters And Dry Tinder

Survival items like fire-making tools are also a necessity for any hunting excursion. These may not be white-tail hunting specific items, but they’re part of your everyday-carry survival kit so bring them along all the time!

Poncho Tent

In addition to firestarters, bring a poncho tent for making shelter in case you spend a night on the field. Even a large sheet of tarp can do for a temporary shelter.

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If you don’t get back to camp before the sun goes down, it’s better to have prepared a flashlight or glow sticks. They provide ample amount of light while being compact and accessible.


Water is vital to man and maintaining hydration keeps heat stroke at bay. Be sure that you always have potable water in your packs especially if you’re hunting in arid places!

Energy Bars

Another vital piece for human survival is food. Bring snacks along or energy bars for when you get hungry. Spending hours on the blinds can get your appetite going.

Extra Ammo

Finally, bring extra ammunition or arrows. Running out of ammunition means the end of your hunting trip unless you’d want to fight a white-tail with a knife.

Check out Keith Warren’s very own whitetail hunting gear checklist here:

Hunting gear can be very preferential. If you’re an experienced hunter, you might have a different opinion about the items that we’ve listed here. But for the new hunters out there, download this FREE checklist from Hunting Times and load up your whitetail hunting gear now and let the hunt begin!

Download our Free Hunting Checklist | A Complete Whitetail Hunting Gear Checklist For Hunters

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