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The Best White Water Rafting Destinations In This Planet



Fire up your adventurous side on rushing waters with white water rafting. Read on and check out the best places in the world to experience this thrilling pursuit.

Best Rafting Destinations For All Adrenaline Junkies

Indulge yourself with a thrilling and stimulating outdoor activity and ride the turbulent rapids. White water rafting is continuously increasing its popularity with a myriad sea of people seeking the right spot to satisfy their cravings for an adrenaline-rushing action. This activity is definitely NOT for the faint-hearted but for those folks living their lives on the edge. So if you want to go out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, here are the awesome places for white water rafting:


Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Colorado River is one of the longest and most notable rivers in the northern hemisphere. It is a quintessential destination for white water rafting. When you are not being bombarded by powerful rapids, the serene 226-mile stretch offers a picturesque panorama of the canyon.

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

Zambezi River is the most popular big water river and a prime spot for white water rafting in Africa. The river is loaded with Class IV-V rapids and will not permit a raft to go through without wreaking havoc. It will provide an adrenaline-pumping adventure for anyone who wants to go extreme.

Magpie River, Canada

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Your Magpie white water rafting will leave you memories that will surely last. A float plane will take you to Magpie Lake to start your eight-day trip through the pine forest of Quebec. The rapids you’ll encounter will increase in difficulty as you approach the test of a Class V rapids downriver of the breathtaking Magpie Falls. You will also have the chance to witness the awe-inspiring grandeur of the aurora borealis when you camp here at night.

North Johnstone River, Australia

Undoubtedly, North Johnstone River is one of the most unique and sought-after white water rafting destination not to mention, one of the most challenging. This 120-mile stretch river has a rating of Class IV-V and is known for its massive strength of water produced by one of the ancient and superb rainforests in Australia, the Palmerston National Park. During nighttime, luminous fungi radiate bizarrely on the rocks while fireflies dance with a soft yet quivering motion through the forest.

Futaleufú River, Chile

Take a plunge from the glacier-fed lakes in the high Andes Mountains and experience superb white water rafting. The 66-mile stretch is suitable for beginners but it also offers Class V rapids even the expert rafters will find it very challenging.

Middle Fork, Salmon River, Idaho

This is one of the world’s most iconic and popular white water rivers. Through its 105-mile stretch, it will provide anyone who wants to test its waters with up to 100 rapids and drops 3000 feet in height. You will be in awe and exhilarated at grand alpine and forest spectacles as you go through America’s biggest roadless wilderness territory outside Alaska.

Río Pacuaré, Costa Rica


Rio Upano or “River of Sacred Waterfalls” provides a thrilling adventure with Class IV rapids and breathtaking sights of myriad and enormous waterfalls. The pace changes from moderate rapids to turbulent rides as you travel through narrow canyons.


Watch this video and learn the basics of white water rafting before heading to your destination!

Going outside your barriers or comfort zone will absolutely make you feel more alive. It will not only test your physical and mental capabilities but also boosts your self-esteem It is not always too late or too early to try new things.

Penny for your thoughts? Tell us what you think about this list by dropping your two cents in the comments below! 

Now that you know some awesome spots for rafting, it’s time to check out some thrilling outdoor travels and activities for a passionate outdoorsman!

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