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Easy Ways To Collect Rain Water For Survival



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Rainwater is oftentimes ignored. But did you know that it’s one of the best water sources during survival situations? It’s safe to drink straight up as soon as it hits the ground!

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Collect & Drink Rain Water During Survival Situations

Rain Water

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Rainwater can be an amazing source of drinking water when you’re out in the woods with nothing to drink. Thus, it’s also not advisable to start collecting rainwater for drinking unless you’re in an emergency or survival situation.

Collecting rainwater is way easier than boiling water. Why would you spend a lot of time going back and forth to a creek and boil water with your steel Kanteen if you can just collect water from the rain and drink it straight up?

There are several ways of collecting rainwater all of which are easy and simple to do. These survival skills are crucial to save you from dehydration and increase your chance of survival.

Easy Ways to Collect Rain Water

Collect Rainwater Using A Plastic Bag

water droplets plastic bags | rain water harvesting

Plastic bags are common storage for collecting rainwater. They’re easy to carry and won’t take too much space in your bug-out bag. They also come in many sizes which is great so you have options that suit your needs.

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Collect Rainwater Using Leaves

photo remaining rainwater on banana leaves | rainwater collection

If you have large leaves around in your area, get a few and use them to collect rainwater. Dig a small depression into the ground and set one of those large leaves on the depression.

Arrange the other leaves and shingle them around the outside, so that when the rain hits, the water kind of funneling into the bottom.

With this method, you’re not going to get tons of rainwater, but it’s easy and will take you just a couple of minutes.

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Collect Rainwater Through Creek Pockets

leaf stone cavity water | rain water uses

If a creek doesn’t flow after a rainstorm then any of those little creek pockets are just full of rainwater. You can drink those water straight up.

Aside from that, you can also use those creek pockets as a container to boil water using the hot-rock boiling method.


Collect Rainwater Through Tree Cavities

tree hollow banyan ficus benghalensis birds | is rain water safe to drink

Tree cavities are not a great place to get permanent drinking water, but they could be a good place to get emergency water.

If you found a spot where a tree is hallowed out or rotted out, oftentimes rainwater will get stuck in there. Animals like squirrels get a lot of their water from those tree cavities.

Watch this video by Survive Alone on how to collect rainwater using a pot made of birch bark:

There are tons of ways to collect rainwater outdoors. There are also so many ways to get drinking water when your out in the woods.

Don’t get stuck with the ways mentioned above, but use them as inspiration and concepts then explore on your own. Practice these methods and figure out new tips which later on you can pass and share with other people.

Have you been in a situation where rainwater saves you from near dehydration? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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