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Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips For Bowhunters

Unless you’re a veteran bowhunter, there’s more than enough lessons that you could pick up from these tips. Even professional hunters try to sink up as many of these tips as possible. So get comfortable and check out these whitetail deer hunting tips for bowhunters!



Whitetail deer hunting tips are excellent ways to gain knowledge about the sport and the game. In addition, there’re a lot of lessons of what to do and what not to do in these write-ups. Unless you’re a veteran bowhunter, there’s more than enough lessons that you could pick up from these tips. Even professional hunters try to sink up as many of these tips as possible. So get comfortable and check out this whitetail deer hunting tips for bowhunters!

Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips For Bowhunters

Whitetails are the especially alert type of game and to the novice bowhunter, it might be difficult scoring one. However, there are a few tricks that could help you get those deer and avoid all the frustration. Whitetails aren’t psychics and they only respond to what the environment present them. As such, you’ll find yourself sitting in a lonely spot if you’ve alerted them to your presence. Take this whitetail deer hunting tips for better chances of success this season!

Tip #1: Take note of deer’s body language

Deer, much more than other humans, can be read by noting their body language. Whitetails throw their tails up to alert other deer that they sense danger. That’s when you know you’ve made your presence known to them. When they’re casually grazing around, however, you know it’s time to draw out your bow and strike when they’ve entered your kill range and you’ve got a clear shot. Another giveaway is when deer move their ears around and face your general direction. Take notice of what the game is doing and respond to it accordingly.

Tip #2: Know where to shoot ’em

Shot placement is vital to the success of your hunt. In addition, a good shot will kill the animal as humanely as possible. As such, it dies quickly and saves you the effort of tracking it a long way from your stand. The worst part of bad shot placement is that sometimes you can’t track the dying game at all. The meat goes to waste entirely and your search just went useless. Know where to shoot ’em for a sure dinner.

Tip #3: Don’t overuse the same stand

Whitetails strive by adapting to the changes in their environment. If you’re abusing the same spot you nailed a 12-point buck with, hoping to get the same results, you’re driving deer away. Sooner or later, no deer is gonna come back to that place cause you’re leaving a scent every time. Let the place breathe ’til the next season and hunt in various spots!

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Tip #4: Keep up with deer’s changing patterns

Every few days or in a week, deer change their routes and it’s helpful to adapt to this change. There are a lot of factors that may affect deer’s patterns and it’s almost impossible to pinpoint their next location. However, taking notice of the environment and seemingly random things like ripening fruits may help your prediction be more accurate.

Tip #5: Always keep track of wind direction

The wind can be a friend or foe but if you use it right, it’s an excellent ally. The wind can send your arrows flying off the wrong direction. Or, it can help whitetails pick up your scent if you’re downwind. If you’re hunting on a stand, always be sure that the wind is blowing at your face from the direction where you’re expecting deer to come from. This helps not only to mask your scent but also to make sure that your arrows are going against it to make your shots more accurate.

Tip #6: Don’t leave before deer

When I say don’t leave before deer, I mean stay on the stand and keep it down even after dark as long as there are deer on the vicinity. It’s a common mistake for bowhunters to leave at once despite knowing there are deer in the area. Sneaking in and out is a basic stealth protocol bowhunters must follow so that the next time you use that stand, there’ll still be deer around.

Tip #7: Always follow safety protocols

Safety protocols like climbing the stand first before pulling up your bow are very important. This ensures that you and your gear are safe from accidents. In addition to being safe, you won’t be banging things against each other thus, alerting deer. In addition, you can’t do much hunting with a broken arm if you fall off the stand. So be safe and stay safe.


Watch this video from Deer Hunting for more tips on how to be a better whitetail bowhunter! 

Knowing deer anatomy and psychology will help you a lot when hunting. While keeping these in mind, you’re sure to know how deer will act and boost up the chances of success. I’ve been hunting for years and nothing taught me better than experience and research alone. So now that you’ve done your homework, go out and hunt! If you’ve got some tips on how to improve deer hunting with bows, share them in the comments!

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