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The Best Hunting Dogs In The World




Hunting dogs are a hunter’s best friend, and I should know. I own a couple of them and they prove to be very useful for sniffing and tracking down the game. There are numerous dog breeds but not all of them are suitable for hunting.  Take a look at the best hunting dogs to help you with your hunting!

14 Of The World’s Best Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs are more than just for picking up dead targets. The best hunting dogs are mainly used to sight, scent, chase down, and sometimes kill game depending on the breed. Some breeds are good at sniffing out prey while there are those that are bred to help you take down bears and boars. Check out this list of the best dog breeds for hunting and what they’re good at!


Labrador Retriever

Because of its versatility, the Labrador Retriever is tagged as one of the best all-around hunting dog ever. These dogs are trainable, extremely athletic, highly intelligent, and most of all, they’re good-natured. They have the energy to last longer anything they want to pursue. Labs are excellent for duck hunting and can also help you to retrieve any type of small game. Just make sure they don’t eat your catch because one distinctive character of this breed is their need for eating.


Just by the sound of their name –these bloodhounds are remarkable hunting dogs. They have the ability to track down trail even if they have gone cold for quite some time. These hounds have a powerful sense of smell that is why they are used by law enforcement in tracking and hunting down criminals and missing persons.


These iconic hunting dogs are known for their, intelligence, playfulness, limitless endurance, and their distinctive howl. Beagles have an exceptional sense of smell which is advantageous in sniffing out and tracking prey. They can be the ultimate hunting dogs when it comes to catching varmints such as rabbits and gophers.

American Foxhound

The American Foxhounds were bred for hunting foxes. They have a keen sense of smell and an incredible ability to instinctively bark on a fox’s path and they are also pretty relentless in chasing down anything their master tells them to. These hunting dogs won’t easily get tired even if they run around on the field all day thus making them a good hunting companion.

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If you want one of the best hunting dog breeds dogs for birds then the pointer is what you’re looking for. It is an iconic hunting dog reliable both on land and water. They got their name from the “pointing” characteristics. Every time a pointer senses a prey, they halt and point their body toward the game.

Golden Retriever

Very similar to their Labrador cousins, these Golden Retrievers are athletic and reliable small-game hunting dogs. They are often regarded as a family dog. But don’t be fooled by their golden exterior and eager-to-please characteristics because out on the field or marshes, their toughness surfaces to get the job done.

English Setter

The English Setters are very gentle and kind gun dogs. They are energetic and very trainable. Their keen sense of smell and incomparable stamina, make these breed of dogs ideal for bird hunting. You’ll be in awe when you see these dogs at work.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever are water-loving hunting dogs bred to hunt ducks. These dogs are renowned for their loyalty. Just their Labs and Golden retriever cousins, they are very athletic, intelligent and possess a limitless good nature. They are remarkably determined even in cold or unfavorable weather conditions to get the job done and bring that bird back to you.


If you’re looking for a dog that is very efficient when it comes to hunting raccoons then a Coonhound is what you need. Not only that they can locate raccoons in no time, but they are also good when hunting down both foxes and mountain lions. They have an outstanding stamina and sharp sense of smell but most of all, these coonhounds are tremendously fearless that they can run down dangerous and stronger animals than themselves.


Originally, these dogs are raised to handle large animals such as a deer and surprisingly, they can also handle bears. You can consider them as bear hunting dog breeds. When it comes to the field, Weimaraners are ideal for hunting quail, pheasants, and other game birds. Their exceptional reliability when it comes to tracking, pointing, flushing out games and retrieving them in water or on land makes them a very versatile hunting companion.



Despite their short build, Dachshunds can prove to be useful when hunting small game like badgers and rabbits.


Coonhounds are known to be fearless and they actually got their name for their ferocity in pursuing raccoons. However, they can also be useful when hunting down larger animals like deer.

American Water Spaniel

This Spaniel dog breed is not only intelligent but also friendly and loyal to their owner. In addition, they are great on water and can dive to get fish or catch waterfowl swimming in lakes and other bodies of water.

Irish Setter

Irish Setters are the best hunting dogs for larger bird game like turkeys. These dogs are really intelligent and can be great pets for the family.

Check out this video for more hunting dog breeds that will definitely make your hunt a sure success! 

The unswerving bond between man and hunting dogs will continue as long as there are still grounds to hunt. They will remain loyal and reliable if you show your love and appreciation to them. If you train them well, they can track, drive out, and retrieve your kill efficiently that it surpass your high expectations. With these loyal companions, your hunting trip will always leave a smile on your face and a belly full of fine-tasting roasted ducks. Happy Hunting!

Now train your hunting dog how to retrieve.

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