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[Watch This] An In-Depth Look At AR 15 Platform Sporting Rifles



The AR 15 rifle has been a platform used for Modern Sporting Rifles developed in the more recent years. Despite the ongoing dispute of whether it should be banned as an “assault rifle”, many are still caught up in the dilemma of buying it or not. However, if you don’t know anything about the AR 15 MSR, read on to learn more about this amazing semi-automatic rifle!

[Watch This] An In-Depth Look at AR 15 Sporting Rifle

Everything You Should Know About The AR 15 MRS

nsz85 presents us his video that shows an in-depth view of the AR 15 from the inside and out. Segments of the video include presenting of the parts, disassembling, reloading, and it even shows how the rifle’s mechanism works inside. With this video, you’re sure to learn everything there is to know about the AR 15.

The butt stock is the part of the rifle that goes against your shoulder. It helps a lot when managing the recoil and it is collapsible so you can adjust it depending on its comfortability.


Also part of the AR 15 is the rail or the handguards that protect your hand so that you won’t be directly holding the barrel. This particular AR 15 used in the video has a forehand grip making it easier to hold when shooting.


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The AR 15 can be mounted with optics but it has built in foldable sights.


When loading the magazine, make sure that it locks in to the receiver so that it does not fall off when shooting. The AR 15 is designed to take a beating so it is not necessary to treat it gently.


It features take down and pivot pins that smoothly slide through the receiver to dismantle the stock and lower receiver from the upper receiver, barrel, etc.

The entire bolt carrier group is being pulled as well when the charging handle is being pulled so as to position the bolt into the buffer.

The AR 15 is a semi-automatic rifle which means that it can only fire a single round for every press of the trigger. This way it is not classified as an assault rifle but rather a sporting rifle that can be owned by civilian for sporting and hunting purposes. The AR 15 is definitely a beast in the field of shooting sports and an excellent weapon of choice for hunting game.


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