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[WATCH THIS] Why A Suppressed Rifle Is The Best Gun For Hog Hunting



Hog hunting or boar hunting is defined as the practice of hunting wild boar. Join Keith Warren as he hunts down this wild boar. This is such a challenging hunt because of its location. Watch this video and find out how he killed this elusive hog.

[WATCH THIS] Why A Suppressed Rifle Is The Best Gun For Hog Hunting

Texas Wild Boar Hunting With The Use Of A Suppressed Rifle

Keith Warren is a renowned hunter and a devoted conservationist. He is also an outdoor television icon and the original Texas angler. He hunted across America and around the world. He shows you the big game, educating outdoorsmen and uniting hunters. In this video, he is hunting with the use of a suppressed rifle.

This rifle is manufactured by Dark Horse Arms. It is a Texas-based company that builds high-quality suppressors and silencers for rifles and pistols. These suppressors provide increased accuracy due to lessened recoil and muzzle blast, protection from hearing impairment and reduced noise pollution.


Dark Horse Arms is one of the sponsors of Keith Warren’s awesome show “The High Road”. With the use of a Model 10 Savage .308 caliber, this wild hog didn’t stand any chance at all. They have no idea what it is that hit them. When it comes to hunting, shot placement plays an important role and this rifle does the job and with incredible results.

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