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Best Archery Accessories For Compound And Recurve Bows

Are you tired of how your archery bows look like? Then add some accessories on it and give it a fresh, new and awesome look! For all those new in the game here’s a list of archery accessories that you can choose from. read on and give these bad boys a kick-ass appeal!



Compound and recurve bows are the commonly used types of bows that archers of today are using. Being an avid fan of archery especially bowhunting, I keep my compound bow in tip-top shape. From time to time, I accessories my bow to give it a fresh look. I understand the importance of adding awesome accessories will not only make my gears look cooler but it will also give me an advantage. My game definitely improved through constant practice and of course with the help of the right accessories. So for all those novice archers, here are some of the archery accessories that will definitely be an awesome addition to your compound and recurve bows. Gears that will make you better is worth inversting for.

Best Archery Accessories For Compound And Recurve Bows

Through time different archery accessories are popping out and giving every archer an opportunity to modify the compound and recurve bows. These accessories do not only provide your bow a new look but it also improves your game. With the use of technological advancements, countless hours of shooting and unending trial error, the sport gave birth to different gears that will make each and every game better than it was before. Below is a list of accessories that you will be a great fit to your magnificent weaponry.

1. Sights and Scopes

Bow sights or some archers call it bow scopes are mounted to the bow riser to improve your aim. This is designed for archers so they can control where they aim their arrows. It provides hunters a better view of their target. There are different types of sights for every archer to choose from. They have fixed pin bow sights, single pin, and pendulum bow sights.

2. Stabilizers

Stabilizers are used to improve an archer’s accuracy. It reduces the vibration for a smoother shot. Stability plays a major role in shot execution. Although there are some archers that don’t use stabilizers, I still think it’s a good addition to your gears especially if you’re into archery competitions.

3. Arrow Rest

The arrow rest hold your arrows in position and support it until you release it. There are several arrow rest design that you can choose from that will fit your specific needs. Prices may vary and it also depends on the brand name and make. I use an Apache capture drop away arrow rest and it definitely improved my shot.

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4. Plungers

This spark plug looking gear is vital to accuracy. Plungers works like a shock absorber giving the arrow more stability once it comes off the bow string thus providing a consistent arrow flight. This accessory is kinda complex for a beginner because it requires expertise or a higher skill level. Learn  more about plungers here.

5. Clickers

Another important gear on the list that is not appropriate for beginners. It provides the archer an audible click that serves as a signal of when to release the arrow. Before using the clicker, you need to determine first the appropriate draw length.

6. Bow Strings

Choosing the right bow string is vital to archery. Though it may be basic as it sounds but no archer can deny how important it is the use the appropriate bow string. The right amount of tension and an appropriate length is needed so you can achieve a consistent shot.

7. Grips

A lot of archers I know have a customized grip in their set. Modification of grips is one of the coolest parts of accessorizing your bows. But for those archers who are not in favor of grip modification, there are awesome brands and designs that you can choose from.  Stock grips can also do the job as long as your comfortable with it then that’s good enough for my standards.


8. Release Aid

Regardless if you’re shooting compound bows or recurve bows, these release aids can provide you an excellent shot. Choose the right one for you so you can achieve a clean release.

9. Bags, Cases and Covers

Protect those awesome pieces of weaponry by placing them in a bow and arrow case. Choose from the different brands and style in every archery stores out there. Caring for your archery gears will define show you love the sport. Give these bad boys love!

10. Protective Gears

Wrist guards, arm guards, chest guards and protective clothing should always be worn all the times. Safety should always come first in everything that we do especially in a sport that involves weapons that are dangerous in nature. This accessory is must-have.

Are you a “Hunger Games” fanatic? Then you need to watch this video from Draves Archery and take a look at the recurve bow set up! 

These archery accessories listed above are suggestions that will narrow the options to those people who are looking for an upgrade. Gear modification will always be a part of your journey in this awesome endeavor. More and more equipment will soon be made for every archers and enthusiast to improve this ever-growing sport. But the most important thing that should always be in the mind of every bowman is to practice and always be better than you were before. Tell us what you think about this list by leaving a comment below.

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