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Traditional Archery Techniques For Aiming And Improving Your Accuracy

Traditional archery can be quite strenuous or difficult to some especially to those you are not familiar with it. Some people can instantly lose their fascination towards a traditional bow and turn to an easier compound bow. But for those who want to go “old school” and a real traditional archery enthusiast, here are the archery techniques that you need to know.



Archery has been around for thousands of years. Early people and civilization used bows and arrows in order to get food and for protection from wild animals and from other people. And as times goes by, archery evolves into a sport that captivates more and more enthusiasts. Modern bowhunters uses various technologies especially made for bowhunting such as fiber-optic sights, mechanical broadheads, release aids and whatnot to improve their game. But this simple sport sometimes can be overwhelming to some due to its complexity and constant evolution. Some archers find it more difficult to shoot traditional bows as compared to modern compound bows. So for those archer who chooses to shoot trad bows, below are seven traditional archery techniques that can surely enhance your shooting accuracy.

Traditional Archery Techniques For Aiming And Improving Your Accuracy

Traditional archery is more challenging than any form of archery. But it is more rewarding and gives you an awesome experience especially when you hit your target. Though it is more difficult or complex than the advanced form of archery, the satisfaction is simply beyond words. So without further ado, here are the seven traditional archery techniques that can intensify and bring your game to new heights.

1. Stance

Your feet should be shoulder-width apart from each other. Your shoulder should be turned slightly away from the target so you wouldn’t draw the string across your chest or over your mid-section. Then slightly bend your knees so you can keep your balance.

2. Bow Grip

Grip the bow with a closed hand and relaxed fingers. If you tightly gripped you bow it can make you bow arm tensed and will surely affect your accuracy. This is the same when you use compound bows.

3. Anchor Point

When your bowstring is drawn, lock your string-hand against the side of your face. This is what we called “anchor”. Find a comfortable anchor point and your aiming eye should align with the string. Place your middle fingertip in the corner of your mouth. The draw length of the traditional bow is much shorter than of a compound bow.

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4. Draw

Choose a particular point in your target then stare at it. Start with your bow from your knees and as you raise it up, draw the bowstring. Do this in one continuous motion and don’t take your eyes off the target.

5. Aim

Modern bowhunting uses bow sights and laser rangefinders while on the other hand, trad archers cant their bows. Canting takes the riser  out of your sight and it allows you to focus more on the target. You have to be comfortable when you are aiming at your target.

6. Release

How you release will define if it’s a good shot or not. Once you are fully focused on your target, just let it go smoothly. It shouldn’t flinch nor wiggle to obtain a good shot. Don’t overthink about your release because you might loose focus on your target.

7. Follow-Through

You need to remember that the shot is not yet finished until the arrow hit the target. You have to keep the momentum going hence a good follow-through is much needed. This is one of the most overlooked archery techniques. Your bow arm shouldn’t jump and must remain stationary until you hit the target


Watch this video from Spirit Of The Woods for more traditional archery tips and techniques : 

Traditional archery or using a traditional bow can be quite difficult as compared to compound bowhunting. Without the use of archery advancements such as bow sights and laser rangefinders, it is more challenging but it is definitely rewarding once you hit your target. In my opinion, the harder a certain task is, the sweeter the victory. Through constant practice and religiously following the tips of renowned archers, you can obtain a remarkably noticeable improvement in your game. Hard work is one of the keys to success. Penny for your thoughts? Tell us what you think about these tips by sharing you two cents in the comments below.

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