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[WATCH THIS] Best Deer Hunting Times: Brock Lesnar’s Adrenaline Pumping Whitetail Hunt



Watch this legendary wrestler and former UFC champion hunt the elusive whitetail deer with Keith Warren, an icon in the outdoor industry and a devoted conservationist. Hang on to your seats as these two show you the majestic antlers of the Canadian whitetail stag.

[WATCH THIS] Best Deer Hunting Times: Brock Lesnar’s Adrenaline Pumping Whitetail Hunt

Hunting Monster Canadian Whitetails with the expert Keith Warren and UFC Fighter Brock Lesnar

Watch this best deer hunting times of UFC fighter and professional wrestler, Brock Lesnar and Keith Warren who travel the woods of Saskatchewan, Canada looking to hunt the elusive whitetail in this game of stealth hunting. On this episode, you will see Brock virtually speechless as he finally gets his hands on the buck that he named “King Kong”.

Brock Lesnar is a self-proclaimed deer hunting nut. On the other hand, Keith Warren is a television icon and a devoted conservationist. These two make an intimidating combination to experience one of the best deer hunting times in their lives but nevertheless, no one really knows how a hunt would turn out.

Stags grow magnificent antlers that grow depending on the age, nutrition and genetics of the deer.  Success in hunting depends on a lot of things. The measures of success include planning, preparation, and proper execution all added together. There is always something magical about the hunt that connects each other to nature!


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