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[WATCH THIS] The Remarkable Hunting Rifle That Will Make You The Best Marksman



Are you having a hard time choosing the right rifle for your hunting endeavors? Watch this video from Hushin as he reviews his long range rifle. Be fascinated by the firepower!

[WATCH THIS] The Remarkable Hunting Rifle That Will Make You The Best Marksman

The Remington Model 700 Sendero

The Remington Model 700 Sendero is Remington’s most accurate over-the-counter rifle. They tuned these tackdrivers for consistent accuracy from any distance. It has a fluted 26″ heavy-contour barrel that cools quickly while delivering the ultimate in long-range accuracy. The metal work is excellent, like when the protective paper is pulled off of a piece of precision machinery.

The hunting rifle is quite compact considering its cartridge capacity.


The black fiberglass stock has double palm swells and a wide, beaver tail fore end. It is equipped with two QD studs, the rifle is capable of accepting a bi-pod and sling. The bolt has an attractive jeweled finish.  Overall, this is a clean looking rifle. Every hunter that is shooting long range should try this rifle and be surprised by how quickly it can be handled for such a long and heavy barrel. Happy Hunting!

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