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Cycling Podcast With Jenny Graham: The Fastest Woman To Circle The World



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This cycling podcast features how Scottish endurance rider Jenny Graham made a new cycling record. Listen to her extraordinary journey, and get thrilled about how she was able to cycle across 16 countries unsupported.

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Action-Packed Cycling Podcast | Breaking the World Record

About the Episode

In this bike podcast, Rob Pope had a discussion with the fastest woman to cycle around the globe, Jenny Graham. They talked about how she smashed the Guinness world record for cycling 18,000 miles in 2018.

Jenny Graham averaged at least 156 miles per day for 124 days. She defeated Paola Gianotti’s four-year record by 20 days.

This was recorded and streamed live during Red Bull Timelaps, which is the longest one-day cycling challenge in the world. This occasion challenges cyclists to travel as much distance as possible in a span of 25 hours.

Additionally, this event is self-supported. This means that Jenny Graham carried all her essentials on her bicycle. These include her clothes, tools, and food.

She also shared her experiences with how the golden rays of sunrise welcomed her after long ride nights. The cultures she witnessed were remarkable, and the relationships that were built were memorable. She also expressed her appreciation for the people she met on her way.

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However, hurdles were an inevitable part of her adventure. She suffered from overwhelming exhaustion and illness, and there were truly challenging days. Deadly wildlife and freezing temperatures pushed her to her limits physically and mentally.

Apart from her journey itself, she also imparted how she trained and prepared for this event. She also shared how she viewed this situation as “special” rather than “difficult”.

She knew that there was no one else she could fall back on. However, she expressed how she loved the simplicity and independence this journey entailed.

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About the Podcast

If you’re an endurance junkie, follow How to Be Superhuman. Rob Pope hosts this show, who also made a record for running across the US.

Every Monday, he talks with athletes around the globe who have proved that they have seemingly superhuman endurance. The show involves swimmers, cyclists, runners, mountaineers, and many more.

You can also listen to the interviews on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Early episodes feature guests such as ultrarunner Jasmin Paris who took the win at the 430-kilometer Spine Race.

There’s also cyclist Mark Beaumont who holds the title for the round-the-world record. Additionally, there’s adventurer Mollie Hughes who’s the youngest woman to reach both sides of Mount Everest.

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Find strength in this cycling podcast to realize your goals, discover your potential, and push yourself past your limits. Take on harder challenges, and you’ll see progress. Work through your big dreams, and make them a reality.

What do you think about this cycling podcast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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