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Fido On The Hunt: A Complete Guide To Dog Hunting Gear

Protect your dogs in the field as you do yourself. They’re loyalty to you is greater than a comrade in the battlegrounds. These dog hunting gears will increase their performance as well as minimize the risk they take in the hunt.



Fido needs the right dog hunting gear to aid them in the hunt.  The partnership between man and dog spanned for thousands of years until today.  On the hunting grounds, dogs have always been very passionate that their masters almost don’t have a hard time getting things done.  They’re considered man’s best friend for a reason.  They have this uncanny ability to read and understand humans more than any other creature in this planet.  A connection that’s impossible to break as what appears through time.

A Complete Guide To Dog Hunting Gear

Dogs are in real danger in the hunt than we actually think.  I experienced one hog hunting trip gone wrong when the boar’s tusk struck a dog’s jugular vein and it was over in an instant.  It was a hunting tragedy that I could not forget.  If the dog wore protective gear of some sort, the strike may have injured the poor thing, but it wouldn’t have been lethal.  Dogs that are given these dangerous line of work should be given the right protection they deserve.  If you care much for your hunting buddies, check out these dog hunting gear for them to take advantage.

1. Electronic Dog Caller

Some dogs have natural negative behavior that needs to be gradually corrected.  The E collar is not supposed to punish the dog but try to suppress its behavior that is potentially going to put the dog or anyone at risk.  Even in hunting, dogs have to be disciplined.

2. Dog Vest

Dog vests are what every dog needs in the hunt.  This piece of gear protects the rib cage, chest, and the belly.  When your dog gets too aggressive, he’s always at risk of getting struck with a serious blow.  The vest might just save your dog’s life.

3. Dog Rucksack

Dogs are quite strong and they can carry a lot of weight.  If you wanna share the load you’re carrying with your dog, you can place some water, small items for the trip, or your first aid kit inside your dog’s rucksack.

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4. Dog Boots

Dog boots for hunting have heavy duty soles that are made out of recycled tires.  The inner soles also provide cushion and are slip resistant that protects your dog’s feet and keep them comfortable as well. It also keeps their paws protected from sharp terrain.

5. First Aid Kit

There are a lot of opportunities for your dog to get hurt in the field.  In cases of life threatening situations, like humans, dogs can benefit from an emergency first aid kit.

Watch this video from DOGS Unlimited about hunting dog vests and learn how to protect them in the field.

Human and dog alliance is one of the oldest in history.  It stretches centuries far back and have only grown as time passed which shows how special these animals are.  Your dog can look at you as a mere master or a brother in war.  It’s only fitting to treat your pets as family members and you can certainly count on its undying loyalty.

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