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What Is A Muzzleloader And Why Should You Use It For Hunting



two hunter find their shot | What Is A Muzzleloader And Why Should You Use It For Hunting | Featured

Tired of using the same rifles on your hunting trips? Try a muzzleloader! It’s an easier-to-handle weapon that sacrifices neither power, range, nor efficiency—both beginners and pros love them!

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Everything Shooters Need to Know About Hunting With a Muzzleloader

Why Use a Muzzleloader for Hunting

1. Accurate Shots

two hunter finaYoung, Clever Woman Deer Hunter wearing green uniform with Rifle | muzzleloader brandsd their shot | What Is A Muzzleloader And Why Should You Use It For Hunting | Featured

A very common misconception about muzzleloaders is that they are incapable of shooting accurately. These statements often come from “seasoned” shooters who want to sound smart, but in reality, can only accurately shoot six-inch groups at 50 meters.

Hunters should know that most modern muzzleloaders are more than capable of clearing out one-inch groups at 100 yards. Anyone who claims otherwise probably has probably only tried a traditional muzzleloader.

You can even increase the distance to up to 200 yards! If you choose to do so, however, try going for larger groups. A one-inch group might be a bit of a tall challenge.

Pro Tip: To make your shots even more accurate, we highly encourage cleaning the barrel after one or two shots. Those who simply want to practice shooting, on the other hand, can afford to do a few shots without cleaning the powder off of the barrel.

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2. Lesser Competition

two hunter find their shot | What Is A Muzzleloader And Why Should You Use It For Hunting | Featured

Hunting accidents are not uncommon. There are many cases where a novice hunter accidentally fires off their gun or makes a careless shot resulting in the death of an innocent fellow hunter.

Of course, various factors affect these kinds of accidents. However, one of the most common ones is crowded hunting areas. Hunting season is becoming too popular!

For example, every year tens of thousands of shotgun-using hunters flock together. Bear in mind that 6-shot and BB shotgun bullets are dangerous at 230 to 420 meters. If the hunting zone is packed with too many hunters and there’s not enough space in between each individual, then an accident is just waiting to happen.

Meanwhile, muzzleloader isn’t as popular. That means hunters who choose this weapon—a muzzleloader—will have much less competition and be playing in a lower-risk hunting zone.

In fact, surveys show that hunters get around 6,400 acres of land each during muzzleloader hunting season. During rifle season, each hunter only has around 2,000 acres of land to themselves.

3. Easier Hunting Permit Application

a bow hunter aiming at a White tail buck against | traditional muzzleloader

A lower number of hunters using muzzleloaders means there are much fewer applicants for the hunting season. The low competition may make it easier for applicants to get approved for a permit in most states—especially as compared to more popular options such as rifle and archery hunting seasons.


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Top 3 Important Tips Shooters Need to Know About Hunting With a Muzzleloader

Practice at Ideal Shot Ranges

Yes, shooting accurately at 200 yards is possible, but you’ll need to work up to that. Start by shooting larger groups at around 50 to 100 yards. Once you can do so properly, only then can you take on further targets.

Keep Muzzleloader Powder Dry

Macro-shot-of-bullet-brass-casing-and-gun-powder | gun ammo

Many hunters like to hunt even if it’s pouring rain. This is often fine, however, if you’re using a muzzleloader, you need to make sure the powder is away from open water. Keep in a tight, waterproof container.

Avoid Shaking the Gun

Shaking the gun around—for example, during a bumpy ride—may rattle the bullet around. This will lead to inaccurate shots. To prevent these issues, make sure your muzzleloader is powdered, loaded, and properly positioned while you’re traveling.

Check out these easy muzzleloader setup tips for your next deer hunting adventure:

Overall, the muzzleloader is a lightweight weapon that hunters of all levels can make use of. Beginners will be grateful for its easy-to-handle recoil while seasoned hunters can utilize its lightweight frame and long-range shots.

So the next time you and your buddies go hunting, suggest waiting for the muzzleloader season. Regardless of whether a muzzleloader becomes your go-to hunting weapon or not, it’s important for you—as a shooter—to try out different weapons.

Would you consider bringing a muzzleloader with you to your next hunting trip? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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