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[Watch This] Your Comprehensive Guide To A Hunting Survival Kit



The survival kit that you carry with you during your hunting trip could mean life or death. It’s not all the time that we come home safe and sound after a hunting trip. There’s always a possibility at a high risk that we can get stranded out in the woods and that is the main reason why we should always carry our hunting survival kit.

[Watch This] Your Comprehensive Guide To A Hunting Survival Kit

A Survival Kit For The Wary Hunter

Grantl311 let us take a peek at the survival kit that he carries for his every hunting trip. He mentions in this video that he is still in the process of completing the kit as he goes. Sure this kit isn’t 100% complete, but it has enough to get you through the night or until help comes. Nonetheless, this hunter is definitely packing.


The pouch that serves as the container for everything was just made using an old pair of pants. All items in this survival kit are pretty cheap and most if not all can just be bought in outdoor shops. This little kit is full of things that will definitely get some fire going, some ropes for building a make-shift shelter, knives, and blades.


Some of the things are a bit redundant but you never know what scenarios you could be in, and having a few extra lighters or matches can actually save your life. It’s always better to have more than less in survival situations so having a few excess items can’t be that bad.

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In choosing the items that we carry in our survival kit, we must always account for the type of terrain and the humidity of the area. Having to bring dry cinder on a humid environment will be a lot of help when trying to start a fire. All in all, a good hunter is prepared for all sorts of situations.

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