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9 Important Whitetail Hunting Tips For Beginners

Are you out to hunt whitetail deer this season? Whitetail hunting may well be a mind game to some so to outsmart these wild game, follow these whitetail hunting tips!



Are you out to hunt whitetail deer this season? Whitetails are widespread across the US and it’s a favorite pick for big game hunters. However, it’s not so easy to hunt these elusive game. So, you might wanna check out these important whitetail hunting tips to boost up the chances of your success.

9 Important Whitetail Hunting Tips For Beginners

Deer have the ability to think so if you’re using the same techniques over and over again, they’ll recognize the pattern and avoid you eventually. However, some deer will stick to their routine despite the presence of hunters in the area. Whitetail hunting may well be a mind game to some so to outsmart these wild game, follow this whitetail hunting tips!

Tip #1: Use game trail cameras for scouting

A major advantage to us humans is our technological advances, especially in hunting. Use game cameras to check whether deer are passing through your prospect spots. I remember having to mark down the areas on the map where I saw deer during my scouting. But today, a camera can just retrieve pictures for you at the end of the day making scouting a whole lot easier.

Tip #2: Be stealthy

A thing I’ve noticed about deer is that they can easily sense the slightest of movements sending them running for cover. They have an excellent sense of hearing and smell to the point that they can determine your location from far away. Being very quiet while you make your way to the stand won’t disrupt the deer’s natural activities, thus enhancing your chances of bagging one.

Tip #3: Use the wind to your advantage

The wind can be both an ally and an opponent at the same time. Using the wind to your advantage is the primary weapon our ancestors used to have. As we know, whitetails have a ridiculously good sense of smell so staying upwind will make it hard for them to smell us. Furthermore, there’s less risk for your arrows to fly away from its trajectory.

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Tip #4: Avoid crowded hunting spots

Avoid hunting spots where you see other hunters. This is something I’ve learned through years of experience and it has a few benefits. Where there’s no one else around, there’s less competition. In addition, there’s less noise spooking out the deer. Lastly, it’s safer since there’s no one else to shoot in your direction.

Tip #5: Don’t stick to one place

As a hunter, you should be able to adapt to the ever-changing patterns of deer movement. While some think that deer moves in a random manner, some are able to predict where they’re gonna show up next. Don’t stay in the same spot hoping that deer will come grazing your way. If you notice that deer feed where you can’t reach them, it may not be a bad idea to move your stand near that area. However, be sure to do this during noontime when deer are resting so they won’t notice your movements.

Tip #6: Hunt often

Hunting is somewhat like the lottery. The more entries you make, the more chances of winning. However, with experience, you’ll definitely improve and you’ll learn a lot of things while you’re out in the field. As long as you haven’t reached your bag limit, GO OUT AND HUNT!

Tip #7: Practice before the season opens

The key to being a successful hunter is to never leave out practice. You probably heard the saying “practice makes perfect” and this may hold true to hunting. Skills get rusty if you don’t practice often so before the season starts, sharpen up your chops.


Tip #8: Make sure your equipment is functional

Another important tip for all hunters is to double check whether your hunting gear works or not. The secret to maintaining your equipment is to clean them properly and store them in a safe location. And before you head out to the hunt, check again if they work. You don’t want to have your rifle misfiring on you when you’re about to sack a big buck.

Tip #9: Practice safe hunting

Lastly, be safe when you’re out hunting. It is important to respect the environment and the animals that you’re dealing with. As much as whitetails are just animals, they can be very dangerous when dealt with the wrong way. You don’t want a 300-lb buck charging your way!

Check out more amazing Whitetail hunting facts from Random Knowledge Guy’s video:

I personally follow these whitetail hunting tips myself and proved all of them to almost always work. Due to various circumstances, it’s not always a hundred percent chance of success. If you have some tips you want to share with us as well, feel free to share them through the comments section!

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