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[Watch This] The Modified Hunter Osprey Kiridashi Is The Custom Hunting Knife You Want



The Osprey Kiridashi is the revolutionary EDC custom hunting knife that you’ll want to carry with you at all times even when you’re not hunting! This awesome tool is very light and tiny that you won’t notice you’re carrying it at all! For small scale cutting and carving, this razor sharp knife will surely get you through any survival situation. Read on to check out this glorious little tool!

[Watch This] The Modified Hunter Osprey Kiridashi Is The Custom Hunting Knife You Want

New Model TimberGhost Custom Knives Mini Hunter Osprey Kiridashi

The new model of this great multi tool provides for better small game skinning but still excellent at all other utility tasks. These knives are all custom made and should accommodate all your specific requests. If you’re looking for a great small game skinning knife, then this bad boy is definitely for you!

The handle features a small prying bar that fits snug into tiny little spaces making it more efficient for prying. It has a bottle opener as well in case you might one to pop a bottle of beer out in the woods.

The blade has a wider belly that is featured in these new models making it more suited to skinning smaller game. It also has a titanium clip that’s great for clipping this knife to your pants or somewhere on your backpack. The hole on the handle makes for easy carabiner clipping making it a fantastic EDC tool.


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These Kiridashi knives come in all sorts of carbon fiber sheaths and different patterns depending on your request.

All in all, this EDC knife is the ultimate micro utility tool. These are all custom made by TimberGhost and has free lifetime sharpening warranty! The blade is made of hard stainless steel that could withstand rugged conditions. Ultimately, this is the knife that you’re missing out on if you don’t have it yet.

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