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Life Or Death: Survival Gear That You Should Never Fail To Bring



The survival gear that hunters bring to the field could actually be the things that will save them from being lost or the items that could keep them alive in long term survival situations. It is paramount to bring the right things to the right places where they plan to hunt so as to avoid carrying useless cargo that might actually slow them down. This list provides us a number of things that every hunter should carry in case things don’t run the way they plan it.

Life Or Death: Survival Gear That You Should Never Fail To Bring

Choosing The Gear That Will Save Your Life

The items that you bring on your backpack should help you make shelter and fire, drink water, and most importantly, help you get food for nourishment. In addition, you should also be able to protect yourself so that you won’t be the prey and the game becomes the hunter. Check out this list and see if you’re carrying most if not all of them. These may make or break your hunting survival!

1. Flashlight

A flashlight is extremely helpful when hunting at night. Plus, this tool can be used in survival situations for signalling during nighttime or plainly providing light in the darkness.

2. First Aid Kit

Hunting is an extreme sport and as such, hunters are prone to get hurt hunting. It’s never a bad thing to prepare for unexpected injuries.

3. Compass

A compass can prove useful when a hunter is lost and he is trying to find his way back to civilization.

4. Whistle

A whistle might not be able to help provide shelter or bring food to your makeshift table, but the sound it produces can reach very far enabling rescuers to locate you.

5. Space Blanket

Keeping yourself warm is essential to your survival. It could get really cold at night even in the hottest places on Earth so it’s better to prepare a blanket to keep your core temperature at normal levels.

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6. Signal Mirror

The light reflected by the signal mirror is surprisingly bright despite its size and it can help create a visual signal from far away.

7. Personal Locator Beacon

When hunting alone, it’s best to carry a PLB or a Personal Locator Beacon so that in case you miss the check in time, rescuers will be able to know your location with the help of satellites.

8. Basic Phone

Having a cellphone might not actually be a bad idea. But the basic ones may be more useful because of their longer battery life and extreme durability.

9. Fishing Line

When help may not come any time soon, getting food must be one of the priorities in order to survive. Having a fishing line will be greatly helpful.

10. Gloves

In extremely low temperatures, wearing a pair of gloves is very important so as to avoid your fingers from getting a frost bite. In survival situations, you’d prefer to get home with a complete set of fingers if possible.

11. Paracord Bracelet

A paracord bracelet is outrageously light being an EDC, but it has a multitude of uses like making shelter, tying wood together, or even hanging meat for making jerky.

12. Matches

In very humid places, having a set of waterproof matches will make your life easier.

13. Tinder

In places where tinder may hard to come by, your fire making tools won’t be able to do much. To start fire, tinder is an essential requirement so it’s never a bad thing to bring dry tinder with you.

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14. Plastic Painters Tarp

In long term survival situations, building a sturdy shelter will be necessary but it would take a decent amount of time. Having a plastic tarp should be enough to provide shelter for the first few nights.

15. Map

It’s always good to bring a map of the area where you’re going to hunt most especially if the place is unfamiliar.

16. Lighter

Knowing how to make fire by rubbing wood or striking stones together can be a very useful skill. But to conserve energy, a lighter might come in very handy.

17. Water

If you stray away from the trail for a little while, it’s nice to have water to keep you hydrated. Dehydration can be very dangerous if not treated right away.

18. Hunting Knife

Hunters always carry a hunting knife to slice off the meat from the kill. And to keep doing that in survival situations, you’re gonna have to keep the knife with you.

19. Hatchet

Having a knife and a hatchet can be a bit redundant. But if you have extra space left in your backpack, chopping a piece of wood or the bone of big animals will be a lot less easier.

20. Aquatabs/Water Purification Tablets

One pill can make a liter of water potable almost instantly. If you’re trying to survive the outdoors, you’re gonna have to have a lot of water. So while you can’t find a larger source of potable water, you’ll have to do with the Aquatabs.

21. Cash

It’s nice to have money in your pocket just in case you pop out at a grocery store.

“After a few days lost in the woods eating bugs, it would be a real shame to emerge next to a 7-11, and have no money for food” -Mike Forti

If you still don’t have the items on this list inside your survival pack, then you better get moving and get those things in there. The items that you neglect to keep might actually be able to save your life or cause your death in survival scenarios.

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