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[Watch This] The Cold Hard Truth About Survival Gear Every Hunter Should Know



Have you ever picked up something at the store and said, “Man this price is killing me!”. Well that is when you feel like you’re being ripped off and you’re gonna be paying for the price of something that isn’t worth your money’s value. It’s time to learn the cold hard truth about your survival gear. Here are things that you should consider before assuming that you’re being ripped off right off the bat!


[Watch This] The Cold Hard Truth About Survival Gear Every Hunter Should Know

Is Your Expensive Hunting Knife Really Your Money’s Worth?

As we all know, hunting gear and equipment isn’t exactly that cheap and inexpensive. If you want a high quality knife made by the best manufacturer there is, chances are you’re gonna have to go spend a few hundred dollars for the best knives in the market. For a pretty decent knife, you’re gonna have to spend a little less than that but that is still a pretty big amount of cash if you’d ask me. Bryan Stevens of Survival On Purpose has everything perfectly figured out about this matter and he is nice enough to share his opinions about the issue.

Bryan explains that the price he gives to clients aren’t exactly based on what the normal market value of the product. For every custom job he does, the price varies depending on the cost of materials, what costs him to operate his business, and most importantly the profit that he wants to make in order for the job to be worth his while. As a businessman, he isn’t trying to give the lowest price in town but he makes sure that the customers get their money’s worth.

If you see something on the store that’s really expensive but you wanna buy it anyway, that’s your choice of purchasing it and you agree to the price that the producer of that product has placed. Nonetheless, it’s not ripping you off since you think that it’s worth your money. Ripping someone off is like stealing from them and the only time that this could happen is when a product is advertised to do something but when you finally acquire it, it doesn’t function as it says on the box.

The point is, a person could spend a couple hundred dollars a month on junk food, beer, cigarettes, and all those other things that isn’t really necessary but still, it isn’t a rip off since the person wanted to pay for it and think it’s completely worth their money. Some people even prefer to buy expensive cars and all those extravagant things when you could just buy a cheap car that’d still take you from home to your workplace. Everything is definitely dependent on a person’s perspective and the next time you think that a knife is way too expensive for its quality, don’t buy it. You have the choice and the decision is yours alone to make.

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