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Kill Beasts With One Shot Using This Insane Yet Powerful Air Rifle!



Do you want to see the world’s most powerful production air rifle in action? Watch this killer video from Team Wild TV as they show you how this rifle does the job!

Kill Beasts With One Shot Using This Insane Yet Powerful Air Rifle!

Big Bore Air Rifle Hunting

Join Team Wild TV in the stunning grounds of South African’s East Cape as they try the Benjamin Rogue .357. It is considered the most powerful air rifle production in the world. Watch this magnificent rifle as it kills a red hartebeest in a single shot!

The red hartebeest is a large African antelope found in South Africa. The wind is in their favor and the performance of the Benjamin Rogue .357 is nothing but powerful!

This rifle features a 6-shot magazine that accommodates all shapes of .357 caliber bullets perfectly. At 52 yards, the bullet passed through the large red hartebeest. The penetration of the bullet and the power of this rifle is just phenomenal. This is really a must-have for hunters!

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