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5 Best Survival Rifles You Should Own



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Too many rookies make the mistake of buying an excessively large, heavy survival rifle. Firepower is great, but is the gun functional? Don’t blindly buy the most popular rifles, and try expanding your options when looking for self-defense weapons.

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5 Survival Rifle Options Every Prepper Should Look Into

— This post is courtesy of the American Gun Association shared with permission —

1. Ideal for Long-Range Shooting: Remington 700

Seasoned hunters have definitely heard of the Remington 700. It is an iconic hunting rifle that remains to be the most sold Remington rifle to date over the past five decades, and for a good reason!

Apart from its durable, high-quality parts built to last decades, what puts the Remington 700 in a league of its own is it’s infamous, globally celebrated accuracy. Safe to say, no other rifle on the market can easily compete with the Remington 70o when it comes to long-range shooting.

The reason this rifle is super accurate is it has the unique “three rings of steel” mechanism. These rings are separate elements that provide 100% support to the chambered cartridge head.

Overall, the Remington 700 is a must-have. Even if a crisis does not ensue and you are never put in an emergency firefight, you can still use this versatile weapon for sport.

2. Compact, Portable, and Easy to Carry Around: Ruger SR-556

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Hunters know how difficult it is to move around with a large-caliber rifle.

Yes, they’re powerful and can kill game hundreds of meters away in one shot. However, it’s too time-consuming to set up and reload the weapon. And when it comes to survival situations, every second counts.

To ensure your safety during emergencies, opt to use a light, compact weapon like the Ruger SR-556. It’s a semi-automatic rifle that took inspiration from the AR-15.

What makes this Ruger survival rifle a good survival weapon is its lightweight body. It’s only 32.75 inches long when collapsed and 36 inches long when you extend it, so it easily fits in most backpacks and knapsacks.

This is very easy to carry around and is ideal for fast-paced, unexpected firefights. Even with minimal practice, you can quickly take out, assemble, and disassemble the weapon in just a matter of seconds.

3. Easy to Handle and Very Cost-Effective: Rossi Matched Pair Two-Barrel Combo

Inexperienced shooters looking for their first survival rifle or reserve home defense weapon can check out the Rossi Matched Pair Two-Barrel Combo.

It’s a simple, straightforward gun that’s fairly easy and comfortable to use. Many dads even use these rifles as a starter weapon for their young kids who want to get into hunting for the very first time.


Variations range from the base .22-caliber long rifle to the more powerful, yet still safe to use, .410-gauge shotgun.

Judging by the specs alone, the Rossi Matched Pair might not be much to look at, but what really sets it apart from the competition is its low price point. In fact, you can get a brand-new model for just around $200!

Considering the overall affordability and excellent value for money offered, the Russo Matched Pair definitely earns its spot in our list of top survival rifles on the market.

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4. Good for Shooting Wild Animals: Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle

Hiding in the secluded countryside when civilization takes a turn for the worse helps you stay away from crooks and murderers. However, it also exposes you to wild, rabid animals.

These predators might not be able to shoot guns or stab with knives, but they can cause life-threatening injuries with their sharp claws and fangs. It only makes sense to prepare for them, especially if your survival plan is to isolate yourself and your family deep in the rural woods during a crisis.

A good weapon of choice for this situation would be the Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle. It’s one of the best, most versatile wilderness survival guns you can use against all kinds of wild animals.

The Henry survival rifle has a lightweight frame that makes it suitable for shooting quick predators like coyotes, wolves, and wild boars. At the same time, it has a decent-sized .22 LR caliber capable of taking down large enemies like bears. Assuming, of course, you get a good shot at their weak points: ears, eyes, or nose.

5. The Ideal All-Around Combat Weapon: AK-47

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a video game enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of an AK-47 before. It is arguably one of the most popular, well-known rifles globally Even anti-gun activists likely know about it.

What makes them so popular is their overall functionality. The AK-47 is a powerful gun capable of shooting targets hundreds of meters away, is resistant to daily wear and tear damages, and is easy to carry around since it weighs less than 10 pounds.

Plus, they’re extremely accurate. The average shooter can probably knock down five-inch groups a hundred meters away. Although, some complain that they have bad iron sights, adding in some optics easily resolves the issue.

There’s definitely no doubting the overall reliability of the AK-47. In fact, military personnel and police squads all around the world rely on these for an array of firefights and combat situations.

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Excessively strong, powerful rifles are great to look at—and brag about to fellow shooters. However, bear in mind that large, heavy rifles are very difficult to use and might not be a suitable all-around survival rifle. Using a functional, lighter option you can easily wield and utilize is the more practical choice, even if it is a bit smaller and weaker.

Also, don’t be afraid to explore your options. Do more research, talk to fellow shooters, and join survival forums to see what the most skilled and experienced shooters primarily favor as their survival weapon of choice.

Do you own any of these rifles? Share your survival rifle artillery with us in the comments section below!

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