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These Survival Slingshots Should Go In Every Hunter’s Arsenal

Imagine living on your own in the jungle with no equipment available but only slingshots to hunt for food. Do you think you can manage and hunt successfully? Well, before you do, let us give you a quick rundown of the best survival slingshots available so you can survive.



Survival slingshots have become necessary tools for survival and can hold their own against other survival tools. Check out this post for a quick rundown of the best survival slingshots available!

Survival Slingshots Every Hunter Must Have

Do not look down on good ole survival slingshots. These are handy tools, which can be valuable additions to your basic emergency survival kit and hunting survival gear. You might just find them useful while you’re out exploring difficult and dangerous terrains—or even while you’re on the run in a zombie apocalypse. With the variety of survival slingshots in the market today, choosing the right one can be a dilemma. But don’t worry because you can just choose from any of the slingshots listed below.


VERY100 Ergonomic Grip Slingshot Catapult Hunting Sling Shot Game Hunter

With a slim design, the Very100 Slingshot is one of the leading slingshots in the market. A paracord covers the anti-rust steel body, making the handle easier to grip. It is a handy tool which does not take up a lot of space in your backpack or pockets.


Freehawk® Camouflage Hunting Slingshot with Three High-speed Rubber Bands

Made of die-casting aluminum alloy, with the two arms covered in comfortable ABS plastic material, this slingshot is very durable for survival living. It’s small and light as well which makes it very portable. Use slingshot in outdoor competitions, catapult fishing, and fowling—even in legal self-defense.

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High Quality Solid Maple Wooden Slingshot

This classic slingshot is made of real solid maple wood, with strong elastic bands for the sling. The metal cap at the bottom handle accentuates the rustic vibe. Don’t worry in case the sling snaps because an extra sling is included with every purchase.


Daisy Outdoor Products F16 Slingshot

This slim slingshot is made of black solid steel frame with extra forks for added grip. It also has durable, surgical-grade tubing which gives off plenty of power.

Buyers, take note: this tool is not available in some states.



Check out how a slingshot can be used for hunting in this video by SimpleShot Shooting Sports:

While there are a lot of slingshots available in the market, you can choose the right survival slingshot by carefully checking the material, construction, and durability. Read user reviews and ask slingshot experts so you can get the most for your money. It may not seem the a useful tool for now but it might just come in handy in dire situations.

What do you think of these survival slingshots? Would you consider having one item from this list? Feel free to share your thoughts with us by posting a comment!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


Featured Image via Off Grid Web

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