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Water Skiing Destinations In The U.S. | America’s Best Spots For Skiing



Looking for water skiing destinations? Search no further as The USA houses some of the most stirring destinations for an awesome water skiing adventure!

Best Water Skiing Destinations Of America

Summertime is just right around the corner and most of us are looking for ways to make our vacation one for the books. Aside from summer planting, there are tons of activities we can do under the sun and one of them is water skiing. The thrill and excitement of shredding across the glass-calm water while surrounded by the beauty of nature is an awesome combination for you and your family this summer. So on that note, below is a list of some of the most amazing waterskiing destinations in the U.S.


Sacramento, California

Sacramento offers a lot of exclusive lakes for hardcore water skiers like Ski Sunset Ranch, Bell Acqua, Still Water Ranch and Liquid Zone. Although these places require a membership, the full access to pristine waters and awesome gears are enough reason to sign up. Popularly known as the “River City”, Sacramento is one destination where every water skier of all skill levels will definitely have a pleasurable experience.

Austin, Texas

Austin is not only world-renowned for its music scene but also water skiing spots such as Lake Travis and Lake Austin. Plus, there are man-made lakes equipped with high-end facilities like Austin Aquaflex, Utopia River Ranch, and Guadalupe Ski Plex. There is no doubt every water skiers will certainly have a wonderful time in Austin.

Seattle, Washington

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You might be wondering why Seattle is included in this list when it is always raining in this place. Well, the answer is pretty simple. When the month of July hits and air temperature reaches 80-degrees, you will be surprised at the glass-calm skiing conditions this area has. Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington are the popular destinations in Seattle for water skiing.

Lake Havasu, Arizona

There is no avid water skier who will not enjoy this 45-mile aquatic paradise. Lake Havasu is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after destinations for anyone who loves water skiing, wakeboarding and boating. So if you desire a vacation with seemingly endless excitement, then this destination should be on top of your bucket list.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Nothing could attract a water skier’s interest than a spot like West Palm Beach. With an average air temperature of 83-degrees and a 900-acre skiing playground surrounded with breathtaking landscapes, water skiers of all skill levels and experience will surely have a great time.

Charlotte, North Carolina

More often than not, Charlotte’s Lake Norman is filled with water enthusiasts especially during weekends. With tons of water activities to do like fishing, sailing, wakeboarding and of course, water skiing, there is no surprise why people gather in this water sports paradise. But if you prefer skiing without the large crowd, you can check out Mountain Island Lake. This 3,200-acre playground offers skiers the opportunity to master their skills away from the bantering crowd.

Orlando, Florida

With a number of unoccupied and skiable waters under an excellent weather, most of the world-class skiers call this destination home. Orlando is the birthplace of pro skiing and offers a ton of superb skiing schools. All skiers regardless of their abilities will enjoy prevailing light winds and a year-round of warm weather.

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Check out this video and learn the basics of water skiing!

The world can surprise even the most seasoned outdoorsman with its awe-inspiring beauty. A huge playground built for everyone to explore, enjoy and cherish. So this coming summer, choose an activity that fits you the most and may you have a great time with your loved ones!

Penny for your thoughts? If you have more water skiing destinations in mind, you can drop your two cents in the comments below! 

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