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Women Climbers: Lauren Delaunay Miller’s Experience With Rock Climbing [LISTEN]



beautiful-woman-climbing-on-high-rock | Women Climbers: Lauren Delaunay Miller's Experience With Rock Climbing [LISTEN] | Featured

This podcast will talk about women climbers like Lauren Delaunay Miller as she shares her experience with rock climbing and shares stories about this sport.

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Women Climbers and the Future of Rock Climbing

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In Episode 215 of the Enormocast, I connect with climber, writer, former YoSAR member, Lauren Delaunay Miller.

Lauren found climbing in the waiting room of a doctor’s office and quickly made a plan to climb El Cap in 5 years despite not having any idea what rock climbing actually entailed.

She pursued her goal not quite relentlessly but nevertheless ended up in Yosemite a few years later. She did, indeed, climb the Nose in just under 5 years and then quickly pulled off a NIAD and a one-day ascent of the Triple Direct with Quinn Brett and Josie McKee.

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In that same season, climbing lost some of its glow with a near-fatal accident of Lauren’s mentor and a series of other tragedies in her tight-knit scene. Helplessness in the face of these accidents made Lauren resolve to learn more and finally qualify to join the feted YoSAR.

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Her latest challenge is completing a 78,000-word manuscript on some of the somewhat forgotten female legends of climbing.

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What are your thoughts about women climbers and how they changed the sport? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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