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Hunting Survival – What To Do When Wild Animals Attack



Animal attacks are fairly common in the USA, and some of them are actually lethal. A lot of game animals could easily turn the tides and become the hunter. In cases of wild animal attack, you should always keep calm and carefully plan out your move to avoid a lethal encounter with these vicious beasts. Take the time to learn your way out of a potentially deadly encounter with these hunting survival tricks.

Hunting Survival – What To Do When Wild Animals Attack

Tricks To Avoid And Get Away From Deadly Animals

Any hunting trip can turn into a survival ordeal in the blink of an eye. Wild animals are normally harmless if not provoked or if they don’t sense any danger near the area, but they can be very aggressive when pushed into a corner and that’s when their animal instincts come into play. In the event that a bear, mountain lion, or any big game stands between life and death, it’s best to know these survival tips in case of animal attacks.

Stand Your Ground

When confronting hostile cats like a mountain lion, stand your ground. Most of them will not want to attack prey that will fight them back.

Appear Big

Appear big by holding something or someone up your shoulders and make all kinds of noises to intimidate the animal. This applies for bears or even big cats.

Defend Yourself

At any given time, you should have your gun, knife, or something blunt and heavy in your hand. Some hunters carry mace and pepper spray to fend off bears and mountain lions in case they get too close.

Protect Your Throat

Your throat is very vulnerable to the jaws of the animal. Protect it by crossing your arms around the back of your neck and and crunch your shoulders up for more protection.

Avoid Encounter

It is best to avoid an encounter with a wild animal before it comes to a confrontation. Use bells and make noises to make it known to wild animals that you’re around. In case they try to approach you, fire off a round from your gun to scare them away. If they persist, have them at your sights and be ready to fire. You can’t outrun mountain lions and bears.

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Avoid Bear Cubs

Bear cubs might be cute and friendly but their mothers could be ferocious and very aggressive. Avoid making contact with cubs as the mother will attack you viciously to protect their young.

Play Dead

If a bear approaches you, play dead so it’ll think you’re not worth its effort cause you’re already dead.

Avoid Moose Calves

If you think a moose calf is around, do not do anything that will make the bull think you’re a threat. They will defend their offspring against anything they perceive dangerous.

Avoid Moose During Fall

Moose are especially aggressive during fall because it’s their mating season. Watch out for these animals during this time of the year.

Hide Behind A Tree

If the moose charges, hide behind a tree or a boulder to protect yourself from its horns.

Don’t Run Away

When facing wolves, bears, and mountain lions, DO NOT RUN. Their predatory instinct will kick in and hunt you down.

Fight With A Weapon

There’s a very slim chance that you’ll get away from a wolf attack unscratched without a weapon. Use a big stick or your hunting knife to fight the wolf.

Back Away

If the wolf sees you, try not to make any sudden movements and back away slowly while still facing the animal. Wolves are dominant creatures and hunt in packs. Keep an eye out for stragglers – left and right – as they could come at you from all sides.


Flee From Bees

If you accidentally disturb a bee hive and they seem pissed and is going to attack you, flee from them.

Run Into The Wind

Bees are relatively slow fliers and an adult person can easily outrun them. Running into the wind helps a lot because to the bees, it’s like swimming against the current.

Take Cover

Protect yourself from bees using any piece of clothing you have and cover as much skin as possible. If you’re near camp, go inside your tent and shut the door close.

Wear Proper Clothes

When going out hunting, always be sure to wear protective clothing. Wearing tall hiking boots can save you from getting bitten by a snake.

Watch Out

Watch out for curled up snakes and any signal that they’re sensing danger. Curling up means they’re preparing to strike so be prepared.

Keep Calm

When a constrictor loops around you and it doesn’t apply much pressure, just relax. Struggling may actually prompt the snake to squeeze tighter.

Protect Your Body

If the constrictor proceeds to squeeze tighter, wrap your non-dominant hand around your body to protect your ribs.

Grab The Snake

Finally, grab the snake by the back of its head if one of your hands is free. Do this to unwind the coil and remove the snake from yourself.

These great tips could actually save your life one day so you better try to remember as much of them as possible. And remember, a cornered animal will always show its fangs and that’s your cue to get out of there. These tips might not be a hundred per cent fail-proof but it can save you a limb or two when and if the time comes.

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