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[Watch This] These Custom Hunting Rifles Will Make You Envious



If you’re having a hard time trying to choose which hunting rifle you want to buy, you’re in for a treat because this article has got seven of these bad babies waiting for you! McMillan Firearms is dedicated to producing only the best firearms specializing long range rifles. Read on as McMillan Firearms present you these custom hunting rifles to drool on!

[Watch This] These Custom Hunting Rifles Will Make You Envious

7 Custom Hunting Rifles Perfect For Your Next Hunting Trip

Long range hunting rifles mean a delicately crafted weapon so intricately assembled that the smallest of errors will greatly affect the performance of the product. Nonetheless, professionals undoubtedly select McMillan’s hunting rifles as one of the options for their game.

Come and see what custom hunting rifles McMillan has in store for you. Who knows, one of these could be an addition to your cool hunting rifle collection!


Designed for long range hunting where winds blow the hardest, the Outdoorsman has a mellow recoil despite the power it provides!


The Legacy is a classic that even founder Gale McMillan eyes as the epitome of a perfect hunting rifle!


A hunting rifle that works flawlessly even in the most extreme conditions. The Heritage is able to shoot out bulky African rounds without as much as a sweat!

Tactical Hunter

The Tactical Hunter has the best of tactical and hunting technologies incorporated in this magnificent rifle!

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This elegantly engineered firearm manages recoil efficiently making it perfect for magnum cartridges!


The Prodigy is definitely a prodigy rifle that is lightweight and provides perfect mobility for hunters that runs all day.


Excellent engineering in the traditional style, this rifle provides fast handling and quick pointing while maintaining the maximum possible velocity. This rifle has the best chance of being the next family heirloom.

If these high caliber rifles didn’t get your adrenaline pumping, I just don’t know what will. From handling to power, all you need is here making them perfect for all sorts of game you’re after. But bear in mind, it takes a responsible hunter to preserve the good name of the sport.

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