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How To Build Bushcraft Deer Hunting Blinds | Summer Hunt



Build your own deer hunting blinds to save money and make use of natural material laying around in the ground! These steps will ensure the success of your hunting trip this summer!

Summer is here and we’re all yearning for a great upcoming deer season. However, have you set up your deer hunting blinds yet? Hunting blinds can be costly so to save some of that money up, why not make your own Bushcraft deer hunting blinds? It’s not only easy, but it’s also fun to make!

How To Build Bushcraft Deer Hunting Blinds | Summer Hunt

Making your own deer hunting blinds isn’t easy and chances are, deer might still see through your disguise. If you’re looking to take your stealth game up to the next level, take these tips on making bushcraft deer hunting blinds. Deer won’t see your bullets coming!

Scout For Deer

Of course, you don’t want to set up your hunting blinds where there are no deer passing by. You want to set it up in places where deer are known to frequent. You’re gonna have to scout the area thoroughly first.

Step 1 – Secure the foundation of your deer hunting blinds

You can use tree trunks to secure your blinds’ foundation. Tree trunks are very sturdy and they’re easy to set-up. The trick here is to find a group or cluster, at least forming a 4-sided floor area.

Step 2 – Secure the walls and roof of your blinds

By using a Paracord and wood laying on the forest floor, you can create makeshift wall/ceiling for your blinds. This is the most tedious part as you’ll be selecting wood to fit the structure. Don’t use nails. Once you have these walls up, it’s time to add layers of leaves and wood.

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Step 3 – Use Material Laying On The Floor

Branches and leaves make up the components of your walls and ceilings. Using material that you find on your secret hunting spot will help in camouflaging with the environment.

The final product

There you have it. Your own deer hunting blinds. The best part is that you didn’t have to destroy trees or any part of nature just to make this. You made use of the environment, just like what a true hunter does!

If you want to see a full video from OutofEden on how to make your own bushcraft deer hunting blinds, click on the play button below!

Now that you have your own DIY hunting blinds set up in the summer, deer will have a harder time spotting you. But bear in mind, deer behave differently during the summer than when they’re in the rut. Be sure to account for every scenario possible for a successful harvest.

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