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[Watch This] How To Choose A Rifle For Deer Hunting



So you’re out thinking to yourself that you want to go deer hunting. But you’re not really a hunter and you’re just doing it for sport and you thought you don’t actually know anything about hunting. Well, before you head out to buy that awesomely kick-ass deer hunting rifle, take a look at Neal and Paul of Unloaded Gun Reviews discuss how to choose a great deer hunting rifle!

[Watch This] How To Choose A Rifle For Deer Hunting

Be Smart And Be Economically Efficient With These Deer Rifle Choices

Rifles are gonna be rifles no matter what caliber or what action you pick but it’s the minute details that would actually make a certain rifle your favorite one. Check out these specs and weigh out your options. You’ll surely be able to bring home a great one with you!

The Mauser M 98 controlled-round feed design is as it name says, has a controlled-round cycling action that grasps the cartridge from the receiver and loads it up into the barrel. As you cock back the bolt to put another bullet into the barrel, it takes out the slug simultaneously. This design works best even in non-upright positions which makes it great for deer hunting.

The push-round feed on the other hand, requires a smooth push motion to put a cartridge inside the barrel. This is a more popular design among hunters due to its easy cycling process and as it turns out, it is relatively easy to mass produce unlike the old Mauser 98 design.

Repairing the wood stock of the rifle ain’t easy and the only possible resolution is for you to replace the stock. That’d be a very expensive repair there so there’s a synthetic stock available for some manufacturers of rifles like the Kimber featured on the video. Nonetheless, there are a few issues with the synthetic stock rifles that other hunters just couldn’t tolerate but the choice is definitely yours alone to make.

As Neal points out, the accuracy of the rifles manufactured in the previous years are dead on the target. Although Savage Arms produces really accurate rifles, there’s not that big of a difference among other rifles. If you’re out to get one, don’t forget to bear in mind the type of animal you’re trying to hunt and invest time in getting to know what will work best for you.

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